iRest vs Osim Massage Chairs | Comparison of Top Models

Below is our finding when we compared all the aspects between iRest and Osim Massage chairs.

Osim is the clear winner over iRest. The iRest brand hardly puts up any competition against Osim as it lags behind in all the critical aspects one needs to consider before buying a massage chair.

Osim offers models with more sophisticated core massage technology, greater efficiency in the delivery of various techniques, and better overall user experience through an impressive array of modern high-tech features.

However, despite lagging behind Osim, iRest still presents some worthy options to consider, especially when the budget is limited to the low-end category.

Looking to dig a little deeper? I have compared both brand massage chairs on critical factors such as massage head design, massage technology, supported massage types, airbags systems, premium features, auto-programs, price and warranty.

Read on to know the findings of my detailed comparison between Osim and iRest.

Osim Vs iRest Brand Massage Chair [Key Differences]

1. Massage Head Design and Technology

The Osim brand presents superior models when it comes to massage head design and technology.

Let’s get to the bottom of this with a look at the leading models from the two brands’: uDream Well-being Chair(Osim)and SL-A600S-3(iRest).  

The uDream Wellbeing Chair comes with two sets of massage heads to deliver various massage techniques to the upper body, butt region, and back of the thighs. The two sets move in a coordinated fashion for proper rhythm, with each set consisting of 4 massage heads.

On the other hand, iRest’s SL-600S-3 comes with a single set of 4 rollers to cover all the areas mentioned above. This ultimately makes the uDream Wellbeing Chair more efficient as it basically covers more surface areas than its competitor.

Additionally, the uDream proves to be a more versatile and efficient massage chair due to a clever tweak in its massage head design.

The chair’s massage heads can rotate at 360 degrees in any direction, which gives it a lot of fluidity and adaptability when handling different body areas.

On the other hand, the SL-A600S-3’s heads can only rotate vertically at 360 degrees, which pushes it far behind Osim as far as effectiveness is concerned.

2. Suitable Massage Types and Techniques

Both brands afford a range of chairs that are capable of delivering a wide variety of massage techniques and types.

However, there is a minor difference in terms of which types and techniques are better suited to each brand.

Let’s do a quick comparison of another set of massage chairs from each brand: SL-A600  (iRest) and uLove3 Well-being Chair (Osim).

The SL-A600 is capable of handling standard/mainstream massage techniques such as kneading, rolling, tapping, and deep friction to a wide range of body areas. These include the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet.

Like most advanced chairs, the footrest comes with a set of rollers and airbags to deliver rolling and kneading techniques to the sole and the foot in general.

The SL-A600’s foot massage head system is rather impressive; featuring 3 rollers to deliver more precise and intensive strokes to specific areas. This makes the massage chair better suited to mild-moderate intensity Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and foot reflexology.

The uLove3 well-being chair is also capable of all the techniques and types described above.

However, it comes with a slight advantage when it comes to delivering deep tissue massage.

Like its big brother (uDream Wellbeing chair), the uLove3’s massage heads are highly versatile and have a great range of adjustability in terms of massage intensity and depth.

This makes it a superior option when it comes to delivering deep tissue massage to large areas such as the back and thighs.

3. Additional Premium Features

2. Osim vs iRest - which massage chair has more premium features?

Based on a closer look at the specs, Osim models are generally more technologically advanced than iRest. Again, let’s take a quick look at the best models.

Osim’s uDream wellbeing Chair comes with a host of extra tech features aimed at enriching the user experience.

One of its hallmark tech features is a biosensor system, which measures and tracks parameters like heart and respiratory Rate.

These readings are used together with other information to generate a body tension score, which further informs automatic massage programs.

Other key additional features include complimentary therapies like chromotherapy, ion therapy and a range of convenience features i.e., quick Keys, app control and memory settings.

4. Airbags System

iRest vs osim massage chair - which has more airbags?

When it comes to airbag systems, the iRest brand comes out on top based on the rather extensive airbag systems design seen across its models. This is evident when we take a closer look at the airbag system profiles of the two brands’ top 3 models.

iRest’s SL-A600S-3 comes with 32 airbags while Osim’s uDream Wellbeing Chair only features 2 airbags to handle the arm areas.

The trend continues in the mid-range price category, with the SL-A600 affording 40 airbags, as the uLove3 Wellbeing Chair only affords 2.

However, it’s important to note that Osim makes up for this deficit with a great feature throughout its top chairs.

Both the uDream, uLove3, and uLove2 chairs come with kneading plates to handle the sides of both hips and calf areas. This makes it equally effective when it comes to the kneading technique, which is typically delivered by airbags in most modern massage chairs.

5. Auto-programs

Which brand massage chair has more auto programs between iRest and Osim ?

iRest massage chairs generally come with more massage auto-programs than Osim. In fact, Osim chairs do not really feature a range of massage auto-programs to choose from.

Instead, they use an AI system that suggests an auto-program based on a body tension score, which is generated from parameters like Heart and respiratory rate.

This makes Osim’s automated massage programs more personalized to individual needs, which is a key factor of efficacy and general user experience.

6. Warranty

iRest or Osim - Which brand offers better warranty ?

iRest massage chairs come with better warranty terms than Osim. iRest offers a 3-year long warranty period for at-home servicing and parts repairs. On the other hand, Osim limits its period to a year after purchase.

7. Price

Osim or iRest massage chair - Which is cheaper?

Expectedly, the extra perks that come with Osim chairs come with a heftier price tag. The brand’s best models fall within $3,000-$9,999 while iRest sets its bar a little lower ($2,000-$8,800).

The biggest contrast is seen in the high-end and mid-price ranges. For instance, while iRest’s most advanced model, the SL-A600S-3, costs around $8,800, its direct competitor from Osim falls at around $9,999.

Comparison of Top Massage Chair Models from Osim and iRest Brands

 SL-A600S-3  SL-A600SL-A100uDream Well-being ChairuLove3 Well-being Chair  uLove 2S Massage Chair  
Roller Style3D3D3D3D3D3D
# of Airbags3240362(Arm Airbags)2(Arm Airbags)2(Arm Airbags)
# of Programs21823N/A (AI-powered to generate programs based on body tension score)N/A (AI-powered to generate programs based on body tension score)N/A (AI-powered to generate programs based on body tension score)
Zero GravityYesYesYesYesYesYes
Heat TherapyYes (Lower Back)Yes (Lower back)Yes (Lower back)No (Uses kneading plates)No (Uses kneading plates)No (Uses kneading plates)
Body ScanYesYesYesYes (Includes Heart Rate and breathing Sensors)Yes (Includes Heart Rate and breathing Sensors)Yes (Includes Heart Rate and breathing Sensors)
Foot RollersYesYesYesYesYesYes
Calf RollersNoNoNoNo (Uses kneading plates)No (Uses kneading plates)No (Uses kneading plates)
Calf AirbagsYesYesYesNoNoNo
Arm MassageYesYesYesYesYesYes
Shoulder MassageNoYesYesYesYesYes
Neck MassageYesNoYesYesYesYes
Hip Massage YesYesYesYesYesYes
StretchYes  YesYesNoNoNo
USB ChargerYes  YesYesYesYesYes
Remote StyleRemote controller.Remote controller.Touchscreen, remote controller.Armrest Control panel.Armrest control panel Armrest control panel
Quick KeysYes   YesYesYesYesNo
Memory SettingNoNoNoYesYesYes
App ControlNoNoNoYesYesYes
Height Range5’0”-6’0”5’0”-6’0”5’0”-6’0”5”-6”5”-6”5”-6”
Weight Limit300lbs300lbs300lbs220-230lbs265lbs220-240lbs

iRest Or Osim – Which Brand Massage Chair is Better?

With all sentiment thrown out the window, there’s hardly any competition when we consider the factors that really matter when it comes to choosing a massage chair for individual needs.

Osim models are simply more effective, efficient, smarter, and more convenient. 

The uDream Well-being Chair would be my obvious 1st pick, given a budget within the $10,000 price tag.

My second pick would also point towards the Osim brand, especially the uLove3 Well-being Chair, for being a better alternative to iRest’s SL-A600 in terms of efficiency and tech features.

The uLove 2S Massage Chair would be my 3rd pick for the same reasons unless the budget limited me to under $6,500, which would mean settling for the iRest SL-A100.

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