Gintell Vs Snowfit Massage Chairs | Comparison of Key Features

Gintell and Snowfit are both well-known brands that offer massage chairs with various features and capabilities. While there are many similarities between the two brands, there are also some notable differences.

Key Difference between Gintell and Snowfit Massage Chairs:

Gintell massage chairs tend to have a more traditional design and feature a variety of massage techniques, such as kneading, tapping, and rolling. Snowfit massage chairs, on the other hand, have a more modern design and often incorporate advanced features such as zero gravity positioning and 3D massage technology.

Let’s now see the differences between these brands in detail.

Snowfit Vs Gintell Massage Chairs [Key Differences]

Gintell is one of the leading producers of affordable, but yet impressive massage chairs on today’s market. Its models are classified into two main series, namely; Despace and Superchair. Both series offer the latest and most advanced models like the popular S9 Superchair and the Despace UFO.

Snowfit is another emerging brand with some of the most affordable options with great massage technology. Its collection of models is not as robust as Gintell’s but it does afford some interesting options such as the Revival and Aurora.

1. Roller Technology

1. Roller technology used in Gintell and Snowfit massage chairs

Gintell Chairs’ roller systems prove to be more versatile and efficient. This can be seen in a comparison between the most advanced models from the two brands: S9 SuperChair and Revival.

Both chairs have two sets of rollers to cover the back and neck areas, and another set of rollers to cover the feet. However, Gintell’s S9 Superchair is designed to deliver a wider variety of massage techniques compared to Snowfit’s Revival.

For instance, the Superchair is able to deliver more specialized techniques such as deep Shiatsu massage in addition to more conventional ones like Tapping, Kneading, Knocking, and tapping.

On the other hand, the Revival is limited to conventional techniques such as taping, pinching and Kneading.

Additionally, the S9 Superchair features deeper penetration when it comes to delivering deep tissue massage. The upper massage rollers are able to penetrate for up to 15cm, while the lower rollers can get as deep as 12 cm, which is not the case with the Revival.

2. Airbags

2. Which brand massage chairs have more airbags - Snowfit or Gintell

Gintell chairs come with more comprehensive airbag systems than Snowfit. A quick look at the top three models should put things into perspective.

The S9 Superchair comes with 72 Airbags while the Revival comes with 50. Gintell’s Despace UFOhas 66 airbags while Snowfit’s Aurora has 24. The Despace UFO-X has 44 airbags while the Romeo III has 12.

3. Extra Features

Unlike Snowfit, most Gintell models come endowed with a variety of additional features aimed at maximizing the massage experience. All top models of the Gintell brand come in with a stretch feature, that enhances flexibility and relaxation.

For instance, the S9 Superchair incorporates a 230-degree stretch mechanism which allows for a highly effective lumbar spine extension stretch.

Other Gintell models like the Despace UFO incorporate additional features like Negative Ion Therapy and air quality sensing systems.

4. Preset Programs

Most modern chairs come with a number of preset programs to get rid of the hustle that comes with setting the right speed and intensity levels manually.

Snowfit clearly falls short when it comes to this important aspect in the sense that its models do not come with preset programs.

Instead, they simply allow you to manually adjust levels of speed and intensity on the armrest or remote controller. For instance, the Aurora allows you to adjust speed and intensity at 5 different levels.

On the other hand, most of Gintell’s models come with a myriad of preset programs to choose from. For instance, the S9 Superchair and Despace UFO afford 72 and 66 preset programs respectively.

5. Price

3. Gintell Vs Snowfit - Which is cheaper?

Snowfit makes up for what it lacks in sophistication with an affordable price range compared to Gintell. Again, let’s compare the best models from the two brands into consideration.

While Gintell’s S9 Superchair costs over $5,800, Snowfit’s Revival goes at around $4,000. In the mid-lower price range, Gintell’s Despace UFO-X falls at around $4200 while Snowfit’s Romeo III goes at $1600.

6. Warranty

4. Snowfit vs Gintell - which offers better warranty?

Snowfit offers a more generous warranty package for its products than Gintell. For chairs above $1350 US dollars, Snowfit offers a 2-year onsite warranty for electrical and mechanical issues only.

However, for massage chairs below $1350, the brand offers a 1-year onsite warranty. On the other hand, Gintell offers a general 1-year onsite warranty for manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. Extra costs come in if the buyer opts for at-home repairs.

Comparison of Top Massage Chairs from Gintell and Osim

 S9 SuperChairDespace UFODespace UFO-XRevivalAuroraRomeo III
Roller Style3D3D3D3D3D3D
Roller Length64.7 Inches53 Inches53.9 inches69 Inches5151 Inches
# of Airbags726644502412
# of Programs12623No (Manual adjustment)No (manual adjustment)No (Manual adjustment)
Zero GravityYesYesYesYesYesYes
Heat Therapy Calves and lower BackNoYesYes (Calves and low back)YesYes
Body ScanYes YesYesYesYes
Foot RollersYesNoNoYesYesYes
Calf Rollers   NoNoNo
Calf AirbagsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Arm MassageYesYesYesYesYesYes
Shoulder MassageYesYesYesYesYesYes
Neck MassageYesNoYesYesYesNo
Hip Massage Yes YesYesYesYes
Stretch(230° angle for full body stretch)  NoNoYesNoNo
USB ChargerNoNoNoNoYesYes
Remote StyleTouchscreen TabletTouchscreen, Armrest controller.Touchscreen, Armrest controller.Armrest Controller, Touchscreen.Armrest controller, Touchscreen Armrest controller, Touchscreen
Quick KeysNoNoYesYesYesYes
Memory SettingYesYesYesNoYesYes
App ControlNoNoYesNoYesYes
Height Range5’0”-6’5”5’0”-6’5”5’0”-6’45”-6”5”-6”5”-6”
Weight Limit300lbs300lbs300lbs300lbs300lbs300lbs

Gintell Or Snowfit – Which Massage Chair is Better for You?

Gintell brand is my recommendation if your allows you for a massage chair within the $4000-$6000 price range. The reason is that Gintell’s models offer way more versatile and effective core massage technology, on top of great additional features for a better massage experience.

In more specific terms, I would go for either the S9 Superchair or the Despace UFO as they are equal competitors when it comes to core massage technology and extra features.

Going down the price ladder, I would still pick Gintell’s Despace UFO-X over the Snowfit’s poster boy (the Revival) as the former still offers a wider range of massage techniques and combinations to choose from.

However, Snowfit’s Romeo III would be a great choice if my budget was limited to +$1000 as it provides a lot more for a massage chair in its price range in terms of the core technology and complimentary features.

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