Daiwa Massage Chair Vs Inada [Which is Better for You?]

Choosing the right massage chair begins with researching the leading brands and their reputations. Daiwa and Inada massage chairs are quite popular. But beyond popularity, several factors should determine what massage chair you purchase. This review aims to examine two of the most popular massage chair brands, Daiwa and Inada, and how they compare so you can make the most informed decision.

Excellent massage chairs such as the Daiwa and Inada are the easiest way to get massages regularly. So purchasing a massage chair can be a life-enhancing investment for your mind and body. Since chairs are a huge investment and can take up prime space in your home or apartment, here is a breakdown, we will have an overview before digging deeper into each chair’s selling points and disadvantages. 

Are Daiwa Massage Chairs Better Than Inada?

Daiwa is relatively newer in the market but offers advanced features using the latest cutting-edge technology in space-friendly designs. Although Daiwa is a more risky choice than other big names, it is also exciting. They have an excellent brand, starting from “Daiwa,” which translates to “Great Harmony” in English.

They claim on their website to have been inspired by the pressing and stretching techniques used by trained practitioners of Japanese Shiatsu Bodywork. Daiwa Massage Chairs provide the quintessential massage chair experience, so from the moment you sit in a Daiwa massage Chair, you’ll realize what it’s all about: luxury, comfort, and craftsmanship. 

The first major difference between these two models lies in their design and leaps in innovation. For example, the Pegasus 2 Smart massage chair is Daiwa’s first chair to have Smart-Listen Voice Control technology, which allows you to start a massage program or make changes without lifting a finger.

Daiwa chairs are pleasant after a massage, especially given the Auto Body Scan technology, which scans your whole back before each session to deliver a bespoke massage customized to your spine’s exact curve. Their zero gravity element adds to ease and might be the best on the market! 

So beyond the massage, Daiwa chairs are more visually appealing and practical than Inada chairs. They also do not take up much room, unlike the other Inada chair models, so much so you can let them lean on a wall and not worry about it when it reclines. Also, 

The Daiwa Massage Chair has a sleek, modern look with an adjustable headrest that allows users to customize their comfort level while enjoying their massage session.

It also offers several different vibration settings that can be adjusted according to individual preferences, making it ideal for those looking for a more personalized experience from their chair massages.

On the other hand, Inada Massage Chairs have more traditional designs with fixed headrests and fewer customizable options when it comes to vibration settings or intensity levels. 

One disadvantage is that Daiwa seats may be too small for anyone taller than 6 feet. Additional comfort features like Double Reflexology, airbags, and leg and shoulder extensions may give the Daiwa massage chairs a leg up over the Inada. But the run time is another drawback. Their chairs do not often run as long as users would want.

Are Inada Massage Chairs Better Than Daiwa?

In 1962, Inada was founded in Japan. It delivers happiness and benefits customers’ mental and physical health. It emphasizes that the massage chair is “the only cultural health product Japan has ever invented.

Since its inception, Inada has been at the forefront of developments in massage chair technology. For instance, Inada’s founder and president patented the first automatic Shiatsu massage chair. Also, it is most famous for its DreamWave massage chair,  the first to introduce 3D massage technology, full arm, seat, neck massage, and air cell technology. 

Inada massage chairs are known for their elegant yet functional award-winning Design, and renowned furniture designer Toshiyuki Kita developed their sophisticated signature look.

Inada massage chairs are conceived, constructed, and manufactured in Japan to maintain the company’s reputation for creating high-quality massage chairs that last 10 to 15 years, but Daiwa has surpassed them in innovation. 

However, the Inada is still formidable in technology. For example, multiple massage modes and even pre-installed building blocks exist in Inada products to make your massage programs.

With the system provided to the user, there are up to 600 different combinations you can create, and there is even a healthcare feature for the Dreamwave Massage Chair. It incorporates unmatched NASA-inspired technology to bring all the benefits of a zero-g recline.

Despite complaints regarding the remote control, it is still pretty advanced hardware.

Infrared heating is more effective than standard heating functions because it permeates into your skin which is better than what Daiwa offers. 

Inada offers a 5-year residential limited warranty, including no-cost replacements on covered parts for three years, but this depends on whether you buy it directly or from a distributor or retailer. That is a better deal than with a Daiwa chair. Also, Inada chairs are known to be very durable, more than Daiwa chairs.

Although the Inada brand was incredibly creative, new chairs from the company lack now-standard massage chair features you would easily find on an Inada model, like calf massage and Bluetooth connectivity.

Mechanically, the Inada may still be flawless after years of usage, but its upholstery gets worn out over time. It is always preferable to have the chair assembled for you, although this might cost up to $500.

Which Massage Chair is Better for You Between Daiwa and Inada?

Which is better? Both massage chair companies share many similarities. Let’s check how they perform against each other on some critical factors.

1. Price

1. price

Customers generally rate Daiwa massage chairs highly because they provide excellent comfort and support while offering great value for money compared to other similar products on the market today.

They come with various settings, such as kneading, tapping, or rolling motions, that allow users to customize their experience according to their needs and preferences. Some models even feature heating elements that add extra relaxation during your session! 

In contrast, Inada massage chairs tend to be more expensive than those offered by Daiwa but still get good ratings from satisfied customers.

The reason is mainly due to its advanced technology features like 3D body scanning capabilities and airbag therapy system built into specific models. Furthermore, these high-end massagers also boast adjustable intensity levels allowing users to find just how strong they want it without worrying about overdoing it.  

2. Comfort

2. comfort

The Daiwa chairs are considered to be more comfortable to sit on than the Inada chairs.

During the session, the back rollers are removed, leaving you with no lower back support. After a massage session, the back rollers are positioned in the ideal location for lower-back support. You may change the chair leg and back configurations to a comfortable reading posture.

However, you must first have a full massage in contrast to Inada. The Daiwa chair has an adjustable backrest with eight different positions, so you can find your ideal level of comfort while getting massaged from head to toe with its full-body airbag system.

3. Stretch Capabilities

3. Stretch Capabilities

Daiwa’s chairs often combine inversion stretch capabilities with an L-track design, thus making deep stretching one of its strong selling points. Unlike the Inada, it stretches you by securely grasping your upper body and feet and tilting backward and forwards.

Inada contains thigh and kidney pads that deliver air pressure to your legs and torso while also moving your body.

Daiwa Vs Inada Massage Chairs [Comparison Summary]

If you’re stuck between the Daiwa and Inada massage chairs, here’s a quick and help you make an informed decision about which chair is right for you. Let’s take a closer look at what each brand has to offer. 

Price$6,500 – $13,500$7,000–$12,999
Warranty & Return PolicyStandard 3-year parts and labor warranty.Depending on the distributor or retailer, five years long extended residential warranty, one year comprehensive, three years parts, and five years structure.
Shipping Depends on the distributor or retailer but usually takes a week.7–10 days following purchase.
Top modelsOlympia, Pegasus 2, LegacySogno DreamWave, Therapina Robo
Product lineFewer productsMore products
Massage techniquesKneading with Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu TappingKneading Up & Down Knocking Rhythm Shiatsu Sync Tapping
Heat TherapyYesYes

Final Thoughts

Overall, both brands offer quality products with unique benefits depending on individual users’ needs and budget constraints.

Therefore, when considering between these two top-rated manufacturers, shoppers should carefully weigh up all factors before making any final decisions since this will ultimately determine if either company offers what they’re looking for in terms of performance and affordability.

The Daiwa brand may have what you’re looking for if you want a massage chair with many features and therapeutic benefits. Still, if you wish for an innovative and contemporary massage experience from a Japanese company, then Inada is a better choice.

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