Daiwa Vs Infinity Massage Chairs | Which is Suitable for You?

Deciding on a massage chair can be tricky if you have not owned one.  Even those who love massage chairs agree that it can be challenging to find the right one. From a quick internet search, you will see that Daiwa and Infinity massage chairs are quite popular.

To assist, we have compared Daiwa and infinity massage chairs in this article so you can make the most informed decision. What separates these brands, and what makes these massage chairs so appealing in the first place?  

Which Massage Chair is Better? Infinity Or Daiwa?

Let’s look at how they compare in this quick overview before digging deeper into each chair’s selling points and disadvantages:

  • Both massage chair companies share many similarities. They have reflexology, space-saving technology, zero gravity effect, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Daiwa’s chairs often combine inversion stretch capabilities with an L-track design, thus making deep stretching one of its strong selling points, and the full-body airbags are a plus point. Beyond kneading, tapping, and knocking modes, some Daiwa chairs provide Mood-based massage, time of day, and targeted body part program. Customizable shiatsu, sync, and rhythm manual massage modes are also available.
  • Infinity massage chairs have notable features such as airbag compression therapy, body scanning technology, a heating system for the back,  decompression stretch mode, and a foot massager. Some of their chairs go beyond kneading and oscillating to having 4D massage capabilities.

However, they offer many features and benefits that appeal to consumers. Another critical difference you should be aware of before making a purchase is the warranty: 

  •  Daiwa offers standard 3-year parts and labor warranty.
  •  Infinity offers a 5-year residential limited warranty, including no-cost replacements on covered parts for three years.  

What makes a Daiwa massage chair worth it?

daiwa massage chair

Quite a few brands achieve what Daiwa does regarding attention to detail, catering to its customers, and providing a truly magnificent massage chair experience.

They have tried to make traditional Eastern massage therapy more widely available to consumers so they can have the same fantastic experience time after time from the comfort of their own homes or office. 

Positives in Daiwa Massage chairs:

Daiwa chairs look pleasing and aren’t bulky and space occupying. You can even place it within the range of a wall without worrying about it when it reclines.

It’s pretty comfortable once you get a massage, especially considering the Auto Body Scan technology that maps your entire back to provide a custom massage that is contoured to the unique curvature of your spine before every massage. The zero gravity feature also adds to feeling comfortable. 

Negatives of the Daiwa Massage Chairs: 

One negative it’s that their chairs may be too small for people over 6 feet. Additional comfort features such as the Double Reflexology, airbags, and leg and shoulder extensions might give the Daiwa massage chairs an upper head over the Infinity.

Another disadvantage is the run time. Their chairs sometimes don’t run as long as people might prefer. 

Are Infinity Massage Chairs better than Daiwa?

Are Infinity Massage Chairs better than Daiwa?

Infinity Massage Chairs boast highly customizable features that can provide powerful therapy for anyone in your home.

With these outstanding features, you and your family can enjoy a personalized massage whenever you like.

It can easily fit your lifestyle and give you all the health benefits of a massage in the comfort of your home. 

Positives Infinity Massage Chairs Over Daiwa: 

Almost nothing beats the 4D massage technology built into Infinity chairs. They give great massages from your legs to your glutes to your neck.

Their massage chairs can even target more body parts. Infinity massage chairs have designs with your health and well-being in mind to help you unwind and rejuvenate. Features like reflexology and inversion therapy provide cutting-edge solutions to your relaxation and pain relief needs. 

Negatives of the Infinity Massage chairs Compared to Daiwa:

Although they’re a reputable massage chair brands and have customer support in the US, there are some negatives.

For instance, heat therapy does not produce sufficient heat for some people. Also, after the massage cycle is finished, some of their chairs remain in the recline position, so you might have to reset the starting position manually.

The more intense massage settings can also get quite loud, annoying, or distracting to others in a shared space. Many might not recommend use for older people because of how intense the massage balls are and how some of their chairs narrow at the shoulders. The leather on the massage chair may rip from prolonged use. 

Daiwa Vs Infinity Massage Chairs [Comparison Summary]

Many massage chairs are on the market these days, and it can be tough to choose between them. If you’re stuck between the Daiwa and Infinity massage chairs, here’s a quick summary of the key differences to help you decide. 

User experienceGood user experience with fancy and modern featuresGreat user experience with primarily essential elements
PriceMore expensiveMore affordable
HistoryNewer companyOlder company
Product lineFewer productsMore products
4D Massage TechnologyNoYes
Heat TherapyYesYes
Mood-Based Massage OptionsYesNo

Final Thoughts:

Daiwa vs Infinity massage chairs

So, which is better? Let me make it easy for you. Infinity massage chairs are relatively affordable, and they offer excellent value for the money. You can think of them as makers of traditional and reliable massage chairs.

However, suppose you want a more comprehensive, innovative, and modern massage experience. In that case, you can take the risk and get a Daiwa massage though it is more expensive than other options on the market.

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