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Dr. David Letsa - Medical Writer
Dr. David Letsa
Dr. David Letsa has studied Doctor of Medicine (MD) with a keen interest in global health. He is also certified in “Health Entrepreneurship” and comes with experience in innovative entrepreneurship and medical writing. He also comes with academic experience in Medical College.
Dr. Menna - Medical Writer
Dr. Menna Salman
Dr. Menna Salman is a practicing Medical Doctor and Passional Medical Writer.
She is very passionate about medical writing related to mental health (depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia.etc.), and chronic diseases (lifestyle changes, fitness, nutrition, and other medical topics.
Dr. Ifediba Nzube - Medical Writer
Dr. Ifediba Nzube
Dr. Ifediba Nzube has a Postgraduate degree in Health Economics and Health Policy. She has extensive experience in research and writing related to the medical, health, and wellness areas. She holds a Degree in MBBS and in addition to post-graduation in Health Economics Health Policy.

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