Do Massage Guns Get Rid of Knots? [5 Best Massage Guns for Knots]

Yes, using a massage gun can help you get rid of knots, but you need to be careful while handling the massage gun and also be aware of the contraindications of using a massage gun.

Can a Massage Gun Get Rid of Knots?

A massage gun treats the knots or any tender spots in your muscles using repeated vibrations.

It sends waves of percussions or vibrations to the muscles that penetrate deep into the muscles.

The repeated vibration increases blood flow to the muscles to reduce muscle tension that loosens the adhesions in the knots, thus helping them to break.

Best Massage Gun for Knots

Massage guns are available in different varieties with distinct features targeting different needs.

Massage guns differ in many features including the power, designs, weight, mechanism or mode of massage, and ease of use.

How to Select the Suitable Massage Gun For Knots?

  • Speed: Slow speeds of vibration are more comfortable because the knots are already very painful and plying a faster speed can damage your muscles rather than treating them. Moderate speed is generally used for deeper knots once you are adapted to the slow speed.
  • Attachable massage head: For targeting knots, it is best to use a pointed head that sends the percussion waves deep into the muscle to break the knots. If you want to treat multiple superficial knots then it is best to use a flat or round massage head that covers more surface area of your skin.

While buying a massage gun make sure it comes with variable modes or speed and multiple attachable heads for customized use.

Top 5 Massage Guns for Knots

Considering my past experience, the below listed 5 massage guns are my top recommendations for knot massage.

  1. TheraGun Elite comes with 5 attachable heads, and 5-speed settings, and gives ultra-quiet percussions.
  2. TheraGun Mini has an ergonomic design with a universal massage head and works quietly giving deep vibrations with 3 speeds.
  3. Wahl Deep Tissue Corded Long Handle Percussion Massager is lightweight and sleek, has 4 attachments, and works in variable intensities for gentle to intense effects.
  4. Opove M3 Pro 2 Massage Gun comes with a long battery life and a reasonable percussion speed for a comfortable experience.
  5. Achedaway Pro Handheld Muscle Electric Gun has a replaceable battery with long life and comes with 4 attachment heads including a bullet head for massaging knots.

Precautions While Using a Massage Gun For Knot

best massage gun for knots

Although using a massage gun can alleviate most of the pain that is coming from a knot, however, if you don’t use it with the proper care, it can hurt your muscles rather than heal them.

Use on muscle only, avoid using on body prominences.

Always check the speed setting before starting.

Don’t push the knot with the gun, just place it gently over the knot and control it while it works.

Make sure the muscles are calm and relaxed while using the massage gun for more effective results.

Don’t move the gun too fast over the knot.

Do I Prefer Using a Massage Gun Over Manual Massage Therapy?

Not really.

It can work on muscle knots, but it is not as good as manual massage therapy for knots using your hands. This is because massaging knots with your hands gives you more control, whereas using a massage gun you cannot precisely target a specific knot, rather it massages the whole muscle.

Every person is different and the effectiveness of a treatment for relieving knots depends on the general health status of the person as well as the expertise of the therapist.

So, if you have the option to go for manual knot massage, I recommend you go for it. You can also take advice from the therapist on a suitable massage gun.

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