Osim vs. Ogawa Foot Massagers | Which Foot Massager is Good?

Stuck on which foot massage brand to go for based on your needs? In particular, to decide between Osim and Ogawa foot massager? Let me help you.

Osim foot massagers come with more effective and efficient core massage technology, a greater range of massage types and techniques, and a more comprehensive array of modern tech features. This makes Osim a more reliable, customizable, and smarter brand, which translates to a better overall user experience.

Read on, and let’s walk through everything you need to know to land your dream foot massager if the two brands were the only options you had on the table.

Osim Foot Massagers

1. History

osim foot massager

Osim is a leading wellness brand at a global level with decades of experience producing top foot massagers. The brand dates back to 1979 and has expanded its range of products to foot massagers in recent years.

Its collection of Foot massagers falls into the “relax and relief” category and consists of two main series, known as uSqueeze and uPhoria, along with a number of stand-alone models.

The uSqueeze series represents the brand’s peak of ingenuity when it comes to foot massagers, featuring some of the most sophisticated models in the foot massage space i.e. uSqueez3 and uSqueez2.

2. Technology

Like most leading brands, top Osim foot massagers typically use massage rollers to deliver a number of techniques to the foot sole, and a set of airbags to handle the sides and upper portion of the foot.

Another distinctive feature is that its models typically come with a set of kneading plates, which incorporate a set of rollers to handle the calf areas.

The brand’s most impressive foot massager, the uSqueez3, provides a great example with an extensive roller system that covers foot soles, calf areas and thighs.

The uSqueeze provides the 2nd best option with a series of kneading plates to cover the calf areas, and rollers to cover the foot soles.

3. Key Features

Osim foot massagers come with a number of commendable distinctive and modern features that give them a considerable edge over their competitors. These include:

  • Automatically adjustable kneading plates: This is a key feature in the brand’s top models: uSqueez3 and uSqueez2. Flippable kneading plates allow for effective delivery of the kneading technique to ankles, calves and thigh areas. Furthermore, the Kneading plates’ width can be adjusted, which allows them to accommodate a wider range of calf and thigh sizes.
  • App control: Osim models come with an online app that lets you choose suitable foot massage types and techniques, as well as control relevant parameters like speed and depth from your Phone. The uSqueeze3 app allows you to extend the range of massage programs beyond the two basic programs primarily offered by the model. The uSqueez3 also features similar functionality. However, its range of massage programs can only be extended to 24 when it’s integrated with an upper-body massager known as uJolly2.
  • Stretch Mechanism: Osim’s key models come with the stretch feature, which basically allows you to stretch soft tissue structures in the foot sole and calf muscles by altering the angle of the ankle joint. The uSqueez3 is particularly impressive, as it allows you to extend the stretch to your Hamstrings (muscle at the back of your thighs) by extending the Knee joint.
  • Heat Therapy: Osim’s models come with a rather mild form of heat therapy, which basically utilizes warm air to the foot and calf areas to yield similar benefits of heat therapy.

4. Suitable Massage Types and Techniques

Both the uSqueez3, uSqueez2, and uPhoria series models are capable of a wide range of standard massage techniques. These include rolling, kneading, compression, vibrations and acupressure point deep tissue massage.

Its foot rollers deliver rolling and deep tissue massage to specific acupressure points while a pair of airbags handle the sides and upper part of the foot with kneading, compression and vibration techniques.

Their knack for locating and delivering targeted massage to acupressure points, along with other mainstream techniques makes them a great tool for mimicking these types of massage.

5. Foot sizes

Osim models provide room for a range of foot sizes(medium-large). However, general recommendations can be tricky due to the wide range of variability in terms of foot sizes. The best move is to contact customer support and see if the model of your choice offers the best fit.

6. Maintenance

Osim models are generally easy to maintain and take care of due to the premium material used in the overall design.

Remember, these devices require you to use with bare feet so the material definitely needs to be something that gives you the best chance to keep it squeaky clean.

Osim models such as the uSqueez3 feature synthetic material in the footrest and exteriors. The material tends to be less absorbent in nature, which makes it rather easy to clean without having to use special detergents.

7. Benefits

  • Highly effective and efficient Massage technology: Osim foot massagers provide a great combination of highly effective massage mechanisms (rollers, kneading plates and airbags) and more extensive area coverage. This makes them one of the natural choices in today’s market if you’re looking for a perfect blend of efficacy and efficiency.
  • Convenient and easy to operate: The wide range of extra features such as smartphone apps, quick keys, and automatic adjustment mechanisms make Osim foot massagers easy to operate while maintaining efficacy.
  • Additional Therapies: Osim models provide a little more than just an effective massage. The presence of stretch functionality and heat therapy allows you to use the benefits of soft tissue stretches and tissue heating to complement your foot massage.
  • Great design: Osim foot massagers come in compact units with well-thought-out premium designs. This not only makes them economical as far as space is concerned but also great fits for a wide range of home decor.

Ogawa Foot Massagers

1. History

Ogawa foot massager

Ogawa is a Malaysia-based health and wellness brand with over 27 years’ worth of experience. Since its establishment, it has grown into a global brand with an extensive footprint spanning most of Asia and Europe.

Like Osim, its product range includes some impressive foot massagers. However, its range of foot massagers is rather limited, with only two products to show for its collection. These are the premium Omknee2 and O.M.G.

2. Massage Technology

Ogawa’s foot massagers use rollers and airbag massage technology to deliver a range of techniques. This is epitomized in the brand’s most advanced model, the Omknee2.

The model features a set of rollers for rolling and kneading techniques to both feet’s soles and a set of airbags to handle the years’ worth of sides and upper portion of the foot. An extra set of airbags handles the calves and Knee areas.

3. Massage Types and Techniques

Ogawa models afford the most conventional massage techniques, making them some of the most versatile devices you can find on the market. Both the O.M.G and Omknee2 are capable of rolling, kneading, compression, vibration, and deep tissue techniques.

The Omknee pushes its boundaries a little further, as it features a leg rest that incorporates airbags to deliver a kneading technique and compression massage to the calf areas and Knees.

4. Key Features

  • Targeted foot massage areas: Ogawa provides some of the best options on the market for targeted foot massage, which comes in handy when you have specific foot areas you need to pay attention to. The O.M.G model furnishes a great example as it comes with inbuilt programs to target different portions of the foot and ankles i.e., forefoot, arch, heels, bridge and ankles. The Omknee2 comes in rather modest, with 3 target areas, namely; forefeet, arches, and heels.
  • Heat Therapy: To yield the benefits of heat therapy in addition to massage, all Ogawa models (O.M.G and Omknee2) heated air pressure massage, along with convention kneading and rolling techniques
  • Adjustability features: Both the OMG and Omknee2 allow the user to adjust massage intensity through 3 levels. This allows a fair range of control, which in turn creates more room for customization to fit individual needs. Additionally, the Omknees2 comes with a detachable leg rest, making it a great option if you’re in for nothing more than a basic foot massage. The leg rest can be used for kneading and compression and kneading massage in other areas of the body i.e., forearms, and upper arms.
  • Automatic Programs: As expected from any top-notch foot massager, Ogawa’s models feature 3 automatic programs to save you from having to set the right parameters for a personalized message.

5. Foot Sizes

Ogawa’s foot massager collection also accommodates a commendable range of foot sizes within the medium and extra-large range. Again, it pays dividends to check with the customer care service or try it out in person to see if a particular model fits your footprint.

6. Maintenance

Ogawa’s models use a blend of faux leather and other synthetic materials for the footrest and exteriors. This makes them easy to clean, which comes with extra points as far as product longevity is concerned.

7. Benefits

  • Efficacious: Ogawa models feature highly efficient massage rollers and airbag systems to deliver a range of techniques. This translates to a satisfying experience and general therapy outcomes.
  • Customizability: Targeted modes that come with both models prove handy for those looking to address issues in specific areas of the foot.
  • User-friendly: Conveniently designed control panel along with preset programs and well-defined intensity ranges allow for an easy ride through setting yourself up for a great massage experience.

Osim Vs Ogawa Foot Massagers [Key Differences]

Massage Heads/Rollers: Osim foot massagers feature more comprehensive and customizable massage head/roller systems. All top Osim models feature foot and leg rollers while Ogawa models are limited to a set of foot rollers.

Suitable Massage Types and Techniques: Osim foot massagers offer a greater range when it comes to massage types and techniques. Its superiority over Ogawa comes in its models’ intrinsic ability to detect and map out acupressure points for better foot reflexology massage, and the presence of kneading plates for better deep tissue techniques in other areas.

Additional Features: Osim models come with more advanced features which are hardly seen in Ogawa models. The presence of smartphone apps that allow you to choose and control a variety of programs, stretch mechanisms, and automatic Kneading Plates pushes Osim miles ahead of rather basic models from Ogawa.

Airbags: Ogawa models come with more airbags, which means better compression and vibration massage to feet, ankle and calf areas. However, Osim models make up for the shortfall with the presence of Kneading plates.

Auto-programs: Ogawa models come with more in-built auto-programs. However, Osim still wins the day due to the presence of a smartphone app, which provides access to more programs online.

Price: Osim foot massagers come in with a bigger price tag than Ogawa. Osim’s models fall within $249-$999 while Ogawa’s models, the Omknee and O.M.G, are priced at $381 and $708 respectively.

Comparison of Top Foot Massagers from Osim and Ogawa Brands

 uSqueez3uSqueez2O.M.G  Omknee2
Foot RollersYesYesYesYes
Calf Rollers/nodesYesYesNoNo
AirbagsYes (2 for each foot)Yes (2 for each foot)Yes (2 for each foot)Yes (Calves and feet)
Massage TechniquesRolling, Kneading, deep tissue, acupressure point massage.Rolling, Kneading, Vibrations, deep tissue, acupressure point massage.Rolling, Kneading, Scraping, deep tissue.Rolling, Kneading, compression, Vibration.
Auto-programs2 programs available (More programs downloadable through smartphone app)6 basic programs. May be stretched to 24 when used in conjunction with the uJolly2 upper body massager)3programsNo
Heat TherapyYessYesYesYes
StretchYes  YesNoNo
Remote StyleSmartphone App Control.Smart app control.NoNo
Quick KeysYesYesYesYes

Ogawa Vs Osim Foot Massager – Which is Better?

Without a single speck of doubt, the Osim brand is miles ahead of Ogawa for obvious reasons:

Osim models feature more effective and efficient massage technology, a wider range of massage types and techniques, more additional features, and a better overall user experience.

Osim’s uSqueez3 would be my first pick provided that I had $1000 to spare for a great foot massager. The model stands unmatched against anything from Ogawa as far as effectiveness, range of techniques, and modern features are concerned.

The uSqueez2 and Omknee2 would occupy the second and third spots respectively. The former would occupy the second spot due to its superior technology and range of modern features compared to its competitor while the Omknee2 would be the best low-cost pick with top-notch foot reflexology.    

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