Kahuna Vs Infinity Massage Chair [Similarities & Differences]

Kahuna and Infinity are the most popular massage chair brands today. Both offer a wide range of features that make them appealing to customers, but there are some important differences between them.

In this article, we’ll compare kahuna and infinity massage chairs in terms of user experience, price, massage features, history, warranty, and payment plan options.

About Infinity and Kahuna Brands

Kahuna massage chairs are popular for those looking to enjoy the benefits of an in-home massage. Kahuna’s qualities set it apart from other massage chair models today.

Their patented 3D L-track roller system provides users maximum coverage throughout their entire spine area, ensuring that all areas receive equal attention during treatment sessions.

Kahuna’s innovative design ensures that each user can find their perfect level of comfort, as they can adjust the intensity and duration of their messages accordingly.

Infinity massage chairs are some of the most advanced and luxurious on the market today. Hence, the first thing that draws attention to an Infinity Massage Chair is its sleek and modern design, which makes it a desirable addition to any home or business setting.

They offer a range of features that make them stand out from other brands, such as their patented Infinity Technology, which uses air cells to provide a deep tissue massage with adjustable intensity levels.

Their cutting-edge design also allows for easy customization so you can tailor your experience to fit your needs.

Kahuna Vs Infinity Massage Chair [Key Differences]

The Kahuna and Infinity massage chairs are both high-end, but not all home massage chairs deliver the same massages or functions. And of course, there are several other factors to consider when comparing, such as the following key differences.

1. User Experience

1. User Experience

When it comes to user experience, both brands offer high-end technology with their respective models, such as heat therapy rollers for deep tissue relief or zero gravity recline positions for extra comfort during your session.

However, when comparing these two companies, Kahuna has the edge over Infinity due to its wider selection of customizable settings, which allows users to find the perfect combination according to their individual needs while also providing more targeted massages than other competitors do not have access to like shiatsu or acupressure techniques.

2. Price

2. Price

On top of all the great features, Kahuna’s products come at a relatively affordable price compared with Infinity’s higher-end models, which can be pretty expensive if you want more advanced functions included in your purchase.

For example, the KAHUNA SM7300 can cost up to $3000, while the Infinity IT-8500 X3 can cost over $7000.

3. Massage Features

3. Massage Features

The Kahuna offers a wider range of massage types and programs, including stretching, kneading, and tapping techniques. It also has a larger range of intensity levels, with a maximum intensity setting of 15. It also has a zero gravity feature, unavailable on many Infinity massage chairs.

However, the Infinity massage chairs offer more massage points, with 48 massage points compared to Kahuna’s 42.

Finally, the Infinity massage chair has advanced heat therapy, while most Kahuna massage chairs do not.

4. Returns and Payment Plans

4. Returns and Payment Plans

Lastly, both companies provide generous returns policies where customers can receive full refunds within 30 days if unhappy with the purchase so long the item remains unused.

Additionally, they also accept various payment plans depending on the chosen model, making it an easier, budget-friendly option for those seeking out one of these amazing machines without having to pay a large upfront cost.

5. Connectivity

5. Connectivity

One significant advantage provided by Kahuna is its ability to be controlled remotely via a smartphone app.

This allows you to easily customize your settings without physically interacting with any buttons on the device itself, making it convenient for busy individuals who want quick access but don’t have time for manual adjustments!

This Bluetooth connectivity is a feature that some Infinity chairs also share, but is limited.

6. Insurance

6. Insurance

Customers in the US can get reimbursements from their insurance. But both brands do not deal directly with insurance. You will need to contact your provider and find out through them.

7. Warranty & Customer Support

7. Warranty & Customer Support

The standard Infinity massage chair warranty covers the costs of replaced parts, structural framework, and labor on your chair during the first year at no cost to you, with the option to extend the warranty for additional parts and labor coverage at the time of the chair purchase.

Infinity offers a 5-year residential limited warranty, including no-cost replacements on covered parts for three years. However, the consumer is responsible for shipping, duties, and brokerage fees. 

Kahuna warrants all products for a minimum of one full year with parts and labor and an additional period promised by the product. You will have defective products repaired or replaced free of charge during the warranty period, but there is no warranty extension.

If anything ever goes wrong, then customer service for both companies is just one call away thanks to 24/7 tech support services and most retailers who carry these products (including both online & physical stores). They seem to have good reviews about their customer care and communication.

However, Infinity goes the extra mile to offer free Lifetime Tech Support with US-based Technicians, buyers guides, and even assembly tutorial videos.

Similarities In Kahuna and Infinity Massage Chairs

The first similarity between Kahuna and Infinity is their use of cutting-edge technology in their massage chairs.

Both companies utilize 3D body scanning systems that allow users to customize their experience by targeting specific areas of the body to relieve tension or soreness. Additionally, both brands offer multiple pre-programmed settings so users can easily select what type of massage they want without manually adjusting any settings each time they use it.

Another similarity shared by Kahuna and Infinity is their commitment to providing comfortable seating solutions while still offering full support during a session in one’s own home or office environment.

Each brand offers chairs with adjustable recline angles ranging from zero gravity positions up through upright seated postures, allowing customers to find the right angle for maximum relaxation during a session, no matter where it takes place. 

Finally, Kahuna And infinity both pride themselves on creating aesthetically pleasing products that will fit seamlessly into any room décor, whether modern or traditional.

From sleek black leather exteriors with chrome accents all around through wood grain finishes with matching side panels, these luxury items make attractive additions wherever placed and are incredibly functional.

Although there may be minor differences between them, Kahuna and Infinity Massage Chairs possess many similar qualities, making them great choices if you’re looking for top-notch relaxation at home.

Infinity Vs Kahuna Massage Chairs [Comparison Summary]

The Kahuna chairs provide users with a complete body relaxation experience, allowing them to sit back and relax while receiving a full-body massage from the chair’s advanced technology.

While the Infinity has several pre-programmed settings available, users can access different types of massages depending on what they’re looking for at any given time, from Swedish kneading techniques up through Shiatsu finger pressure points!

So, it is tough to choose between these two brands. Both brands offer quality massage chairs, so it is important to compare them and choose the one that best meets your needs.

The following is a comparison chart of Kahuna and Infinity massage chairs, highlighting their plus points:

User experienceGreat user experience with essential featuresExcellent user experience with fancy features
PriceMore affordableMore expensive
HistoryOlder companyNewer company
Product lineMore productsFewer products
Return Policy30 days30 days
Warranty1 yearUp to 5 years with an extension
4D Massage TechnologyNoYes
Heat TherapyYesYes
Mood-Based Massage OptionsYesNo

Final Thoughts:

Considering all things, there is no clear winner when it comes to choosing between Kahuna and Infinity. So, you need to go as per your priority features.

Kahuna massage chairs are generally more affordable than Infinity massage chairs, but Infinity chairs come with more advanced features, such as 4D rollers and multiple levels of intensity.

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