Is the OSIM Massage Chair Worth it? (Pros Cons)

When massage chairs were developed, they were designed to provide relaxation. While they deliver on that objective, they can do much more.

When you think of a massage chair, a picture of a big bulky chair requiring a dedicated spot in your house may come to your mind. With the OSIM massage chair, things are entirely different.

Are OSIM massage chairs worth it? Yes, with the warranty, benefits, and daily use you will get back more benefits than the upfront price tag of an OSIM chair.

When you compare OSIM massage chairs with others, the difference is remarkable. With unlimited functionality, it will offer more than an occasional relaxation.

Here are a few reasons why a massage chair is an excellent addition to your house:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Decreased stiff-neck problems
  • Enhanced post-workout muscle recovery
  • Natural immunity booster

On top of that, they have massage chairs for all types of activities.

Check out this one for gaming.

OSIM massage chair Pros and Cons

It provides the best ease to your body.It usually has weight limitations.
It is designed in a way to perform like a professional therapist.
OSIM also has a wide range of portable massage chairs.
It offers extended massage coverage from head to toe.

Best features of OSIM massage chairs

OSIM is a reliable brand known best for its portable massage solutions. Their massage chairs might be simple in design, but they offer complete functionality.

If you are looking for new ways to pamper yourself after a tiring day at work, boost wellness and relieve stress, OSIM provides a wide range of solutions.

Here are the few best features of OSIM’s massage chairs:

V-hand massage technology

OSIM massage chairs come embedded with an advanced V-hand massage technology to provide massage just like professional masseuses or therapists. With the help of advanced V-hand technology, OSIM’s massage chairs provide intense massages to users, relieving pain and stress.

Audio systems

Massage chairs from OSIM come with built-in speakers offering immersive sound experiences to help users feel more relaxed and calm. It will allow users to relax their senses and free their minds from disturbing thoughts.

The long track massage feature

The extended track features in OSIM’s massage chairs allow them to massage your whole body. This feature will help massage chairs focus on the points of your body that are in the most pain and need.

Wide range of massage programs

The high-end massage chairs from OSIM offer a wide range of massage programs such as

Deep comfort sessions

These sessions provide an intense massage to treat deep muscle knots.

Relaxing sessions

These sessions provide the utmost comfort to your whole body, relaxing the body and mind.

Tender stretch programs

These sessions help users make their bodies more flexible and active.

Female massage programs

Such programs are specially designed to help women ease menstruation cramps or abdominal pains during pregnancy. Moreover, they will also help fitness-conscious women to tone their bodies.

Hybrid Powerball technology

Some massage chairs from OSIM use hybrid Powerball technology to offer the best massage experience to users. They use a relaxing and rejuvenating mixture of tapping, rolling, and kneading to relax your muscles and relieve stress.

Also, the Hybrid Powerball technology will allow the massage chair to focus on hard-to-reach areas such as the lumbar area, neck, and between shoulder blades.

Why Should You Choose OSIM’s Massage Chair?

In the early days, massage chairs were quite limited in functionality. They could only provide pressure in a few areas and had only the most basic movement patterns.

Now technology has changed for the better. OSIM’s massage chairs offer unlimited features to help relax your body and calm your mind.

A wide range of massage programs and a soothing heat feature will not only get you onto the road of relaxation in minutes but will also provide you with many health benefits.

Here are a few benefits that the best massage chair can deliver:

Reduces pain

Regular use of massage chairs can help reduce pain in many areas of your body, especially the neck and lower back. With the help of a massage chair, you will loosen the overly tight muscles, resulting in reduced pain.

If you have severe back or neck pain, you must consult a doctor. However, getting regular massage chair sessions might be a valuable addition to your prescribed treatment plan.

Reduces headaches or migraines

Headaches or migraines usually occur due to tensed muscles. By reducing muscle tension, OSIM’s massage chair will help you decrease the frequency and intensity of headaches or migraines.

Improves blood circulation

You might be familiar with the benefits a well-functioning circulatory system carries with itself. Every organ of your body is dependent on your circulatory system to function correctly. A great massage chair will help keep your heart healthy and all other organs happy.

Regular massage sessions will help decrease the load on the heart, increase oxygen intake, and fix many circulatory issues.

Boosts the immune system

When your body is stressed, your immune system might also become undervalued or overworked, making you more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. However, taking some time off your busy schedule to enjoy an intense massage from OSIM’s massage chairs increases lymphocytes in your body.

It makes your immune system strong enough to fight diseases and sicknesses. Several studies prove that massages play a vital role in increasing the body’s natural immunity.

Induces better sleep

Many people struggle with insomnia. While many electronic gadgets are blamed for it, it is also caused by a few lifestyle factors. Fortunately, regular massage sessions can help you overcome your sleep problems and enjoy a good quality sleep without intaking any pills.

Promotes healthy skin

Getting a massage from OSIM’s massage chair increases blood circulation, further stimulating the growth of new cells and repairing damaged cells, resulting in healthy and radiant skin.

Moreover, massages make you sweat, which helps to release toxins from your body fast, resulting in glowy and flawless skin.

How Long Do Massage Chair Last?

OSIM’s massage chairs are manufactured of premium quality materials, making them durable enough to withstand years of activity. Usually, massage chairs have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

Regardless of the lifespan of the massage chair, its durability would also depend on how you maintain it.

If OSIM’s massage chairs are maintained well, they will serve you for the longest time of your life.

Where are OSIM massage chairs made?

From the 1980s until 2009, a Japanese manufacturer INADA manufactured OSIM’s massage chairs.

OSIM ended its relationship with INADA in 2009 and took help from another Japanese partner to manufacture chairs for the brand.

Now, OSIM, which outsources most of its chairs to manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan, plans to move more of that work to China.

Almost 40% of OSIM’s massage chairs are formed in China, but only 10% of the lower range massage chairs are manufactured by a venture started by OSIM and a Japanese partner.

Is it safe to use OSIM massage chairs every day?

A massage chair can be used three to four times a week for maximum effectiveness for lower back, shoulder, or neck pain. However, if you are using a massage chair just for relaxation and stress relief, one to three times a week would help relax your muscles and calm your mind.

Excessive usage of any device or gadget can be harmful. Similarly, using a massage chair too much can cause more harm than good to you. Massage chairs use motors and focus on tight muscles to relieve pain and stress.

The motors target specific points and vibrate them to ease their tension. However, if the muscle becomes overstimulated, you may develop spasms, leading to more frequent and severe muscle cramps in that particular area of the body.

Final thoughts

A great massage can recharge you after a tiring day at work or a long business trip. However, massages have undoubtedly become a luxury that not everyone can afford in recent years.

It has made homeowners source for premium quality massage chairs to use in the comfort of their homes.

OSIM – the reliable brand for massage chairs, has become immensely popular among people for all the right reasons. From portable massage chairs to being cost-friendly, it caters to all types of user preferences and budget constraints.

Now it’s time to hear from you:

What are your thoughts on OSIM’s massage chairs?

Have you heard of OSIM’s massage chairs before?

Did you have any personal experience with OSIM’s massage chairs?

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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