Gintell Vs Osim Massage Chair | Which is Better for You?

Gintell and Osim present two great brands with a range of top-notch models to cater to a range of needs. However, going for the best option often proves a daunting task for most prospective users due to similarities and lots of unique features.

The key difference between Gintell and Osim Massage Chairs:

While Osim places emphasis on high-end products with an emphasis on holistic health and advanced massage technology, Gintell stretches your options with a wide range of products across high to low-end categories. 

This article aims to save you the hustle with a look at everything you need to know when it comes to identifying your best fit from the Gintell and Osim Brands while we also compare both brands in detail. Read On.

Brand History: Gintell Vs Osim

Gintell is a Malaysian company with over 27 years worth of experience in producing a variety of health and wellness products. These range from Massage Chairs to fitness equipment.

Its massage chair models have evolved over the past 2 decades, from rather simplistic SL track models without foot massage features to newer models with a range of modern functional features such as Zero Gravity, body scanning, and dozens of pre-set massage programs. The recently introduced S9 SuperChair furnishes a good example.

Osim Massage Chairs are a line of wellness products from Osim International; a Singapore-based company that’s committed to enhancing the experience of well-being through cutting-edge wellness technology and products. The company’s portfolio boasts of a number of impressive Reddot awards, including a 2008 design award for a 2008 multi-function model known as the uSpace.

Like Gintell, Osim models range from simple massage Sofas with an S-shape track mechanism, to high-end SL track Chairs with extra amenities like Heat Therapy, AI (Artificial intelligence) features, and enhanced foot massagers.

Key Differences between Gintell and Osim Massage Chairs

1. Roller Technology

1. Roller Technology in massage chairs

Osim models come with patented V-hand technology. In basic terms, this massage roller setup mimics a typical therapist’s hand placement, thereby providing something that’s as close as possible to real human experience.

The rollers also rotate at 360 degrees in any direction, which provides more efficiency when handling different areas of the body.

The typical setup is 4 sets of rollers for the back, buttocks, thighs, and legs. On the other hand, Gintell model’s rollers rotate within the vertical plane at 360 degrees, with a setup that’s typical of most high-end traditional SL chairs.

2. Airbags

2. Air bags in gintell massage chairs and osim chairs

Gintell Massage Chairs typically have more airbags. A quick look at the specifics shows an average of 60 airbags for the top three chairs compared to Osim’s; 2 airbags. This gives Gintell models an upper hand when it comes to the compression massage feature.

3. Nature of Pre-set programs

3. Nature of Pre-set programs in both massage chairs

Osim model’s pre-set programs are typically generated based on an in-built stress analysis feature to provide highly personalized massage programs.

For instance, the recently launched uDream Well-being Chair comes with inbuilt Biosensors for parameters like Heart and respiratory rate. This information is fed to a microprocessor for interpretation and generation of a personalized massage program through AI algorithms.

On the other hand, Gintell Chairs come with ready-made programs which do not primarily rely on in-built sensors or feedback systems.

4. Heat Therapy

4. Which brand offers Heat Therapy between Osim and Gintell

Gintell massage Chairs have a strong emphasis on heat Therapy. Unlike the Osim brand, a look at top Gintell Chairs quickly reveals that they incorporate Heat therapy mechanisms, especially in the low back area.

5. Price

5. Price of Osim Massage Chair Vs Gintell

There is a remarkable price difference between Gintell and Osim brand Chairs. Osim seems to be on the upper end, possibly due to high-end material and more sophisticated technology.

High-end Gintell models typically fall within $4200-$5800. On the other hand, Osim’s top models fall within $7000-$10,000.

In the end, both Brands afford a good range of products from low to high-end categories with typical modern amenities.

There’s no one best fit for everyone. The best choice comes down to your individual needs, budget, and other personal factors. Now let’s take a quick look at the top massage chairs from each brand before we proceed to look at the best options for different needs.

Comparison Summary of Popular Massage Chairs from Gintell and Osim Brands

 Gintell S9 SuperChairGintell Despace UFOGintell Despace UFO-XOsim uDream Well-being ChairOsim uLove3 Well-being Chair  Osim uLove 2S Massage Chair  
Roller Style3D3D3D3D3D3D
Roller Length64.7 Inches53 Inches53.9 inches   
Roller Intensity12-151212777
# of Airbags7266442(Arm Airbags)2(Arm Airbags)2(Arm Airbags)
# of Programs12623N/A (AI-powered to generate programs based on body tension score)N/A (Generates program based on body tension score)N/A (Downloadable by online App. New programs suggested through a massage tracking App)
Zero GravityYesYesYesYesYesYes
Heat Therapy Calves and lower BackNoYesNoNoNo
Body ScanYes Yes(Includes Heart and Breathing rate Sensors)(Includes Heart and Breathing Rate Sensors) 
Foot RollersYesNoNoYesYesYes
Calf Rollers   Uses kneading platesKneading Plates.Yes
Calf AirbagsYesYesYesNoNoNo
Arm MassageYesYesYesYesYesYes
Shoulder MassageYesYesYesYesYesYes
Neck MassageYesNoYes   
Hip Massage Yes Yes(Kneading plates)Kneading plates(Rollers)
Stretch(230° angle for full body stretch)  NoNoNoNoNo
USB ChargerNoNoNoNoNoYes
Remote StyleTouchscreen TabletTouchscreen, Armrest controller.Touchscreen, Armrest controller.Armrest ControllerArmrest controller. Armrest controller
Quick KeysNoNoYesYesYesNo
Memory SettingYesYesYesYesYesNo
App ControlNoNoYesYesYesYes
Height Range5’0”-6’5”5’0”-6’5”5’0”-6’45”-6”5”-6” 
Weight Limit300lbs300lbs300lbs220-230lbs265lbs220-240lbs

So, Which Massage Chair is Good for You? Osim Or Gintell?

If you have well-stocked coin coffers, and are looking for a highly effective and multi-functional massage chair, high-end Osim models should have an upper hand, particularly the uDream well-being Chair.

This is based on the efficacy of its massage rollers, and a wider range of other features which add an edge to your massage experience. In terms of rollers, the V-hand roller design affords the closest thing to manual soft tissue manipulation/massage by a trained practitioner.

Furthermore, the highly flexible Rollers, which can rotate 360 degrees in every direction, make Osim massage rollers highly versatile and efficient when it comes to handling uneven and hard-to-reach body parts which would otherwise need a professional.

Lastly, the extensive usage of Rollers and Kneading plates, as opposed to air bags, comes with its advantages. Airbags might be great at compression massage; however, rollers can be used to execute a wider range of deep and superficial techniques, which renders Osim Chairs better suited for handling a wide range of needs.

When it comes to additional features, high-end Osim chairs seem to have a lot more on the table, which translates to good value for the money.

The uDream well-being Chair offers a great example:

The integration of Biosensors allows you to have a fairly objective picture of your general tension levels, as it takes important parameters like Heart and Respiratory rate into consideration, unlike other models which only rely on muscle tension levels.

Furthermore, the use of these important indicators to generate a personalized program takes its efficacy to unprecedented levels. Lastly, the incorporation of Aromatherapy and a highly adapted sound system for optimized music therapy completes a rare combination of features for maximal relaxation.

However, if you’re a little short on cash, but still looking to land a highly versatile massage Chair, top Gentill models like the S9 Superchair provide great alternatives. Though the massage technology isn’t as impressive as Osim’s, it still affords enough to handle a range of needs.

Whether you’re looking to get a general full-body massage or handle a specific tight muscle group, it can do the work provided that you know your way around the settings and appropriate techniques to use.

Lastly, if you’re on a tight budget, but on the look for something that provides just enough for your back, shoulders, glutes and thighs, Gintell Despace UFO(Gintell) models offer a great option. Though not as endowed with extras as their high-end siblings, you can still rack up an effective light or deep tissue massage for appreciable results.

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