Do Massage Chairs Work? Based on Science

Massage chairs are a huge convenience and luxury that we experience in this modern age. However, there are still those who prefer to stick to traditional methods. Some even argue that massage chairs are not nearly as satisfying massages done by hand.

Do massage chairs work? Studies and testimonies reflect that massage chairs work well to recover from stress align the spine and enhance blood circulation. Just about everything a human massage can do.

Then again, if you’re a cynic, you’re unlikely to take that paragraph at face value.

So, in this article, we will lay out the facts and information which prove that massage chairs truly work.

Massage Chairs Work Based On Science

Massage chairs use optimal message patterns.

Plenty of scientific studies and peer-reviewed articles touch on massage chairs. Accordingly, many conclude that massage chairs effectively stress and muscle relief.

One such study is the one conducted by Lee, Murphy, and Taylor. They examined 186 adults who voluntarily underwent a 20-minute chair massage. The vast majority of them agreed that the experience was highly pleasurable.

They felt less anxious and were more tranquil, signifying a relaxing effect. This way promoted a positive impact on mental health and overall well-being. Again, the results are similar to what you would expect from a physical massage.

This is because, like manual massages, a chair massage first centers on the big muscle groups. It starts from the upper back, taking the time around this area as this is usually where the knots are. It then moves to the lower back, shoulders, then along the neck and arms.

The thing about massage chairs is that they are reliable; consistent. Manual massage experiences vary depending on the masseuse. Some have better techniques than others. This results in a different sensation every time.

However, massage chairs are formulaic in a good way. They are programmed to massage most optimally, all the time. This means that with massage chairs, you always know what to expect.

Massage chairs effectively reduce mental fatigue.

Massages are generally well-known to be relaxing and great at easing fatigue. However, in particular, massage chairs have brain massage options that significantly decrease mental fatigue.

Lim, Kim, Jeon, and Cho did a study that used EEG analysis and cognitive tests. They measured the brain activity of 25 people after a chair massage. Their results showed that a chair massage indeed helped the brain recover. Some signs even point to further cognitive enhancements.

This means that a person’s attention span and memory are strengthened after a chair massage.

Massage chairs enhance blood circulation.

Massages of any form can stimulate a person’s blood flow. Some celebrities even use massage to distribute the lymphatic fluid of their body. Accordingly, this benefit extends to massage chairs.

They even improve vascular function and brain cognition. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients all around the body. Improved circulation means better distribution. The person on the massage chair comes out of it healthier.

Massage chairs help align the spine and improve posture

In this day and age, most of us are busy crouching over our computers, desks, and phones. Because of this, we are left with hunched backs and lousy posture. These, in turn, cause neck and shoulder pains and lower backaches.

Massage chairs can help address these concerns. The muscles on your back can adequately relax and expand during a massage. And as the pressure works through your back, you get better spine alignment.

Massage chairs help with proper breathing

Have you ever found it difficult to catch your breath? If you have improper posture, the lungs begin to contract. Massage chairs can help you there. As continuous use of massage chairs fixes your spine alignment, you can also breathe better.

The muscles around your lungs are also able to relax. This helps your lungs fill the chest cavity appropriately. All these would help you take in more air.

Massage chairs improve digestion

The body’s muscle groups are well-involved in the function of your digestive system. This is especially true as your body relaxes through massage chairs. The peristaltic movement of food through the body becomes better. Improved blood circulation also helps the body’s organs function well.

Nutrients are also better absorbed. This means that the digestive system can break down food more effectively. Ultimately, this can work towards preventing internal infections and constipation.

Further, the benefits of a massage chair to the lymphatic system help flush out waste from the body. It, therefore, increases our capacity to process and rid our bodies of impurities.

Massage chairs support the immune system

A.s mentioned massage chairs improve circulation. Hence, they can boost the production of white blood cells. WBC helps the body fight off infections and diseases.

If you’re already a healthy person, massage chairs help keep you protected. If you are immunocompromised, massage chairs can help maintain your health.

Of course, this does not mean that massage chairs are an alternative to medicine and vitamins. Nonetheless, they can help optimize your overall health and well-being.

Massage chairs can help with diabetes, hypertension, and high blood pressure symptoms. A study from 2019 examined people with diabetes for 12 weeks. After consistent massage therapy through that time, they experienced reduced blood glucose levels.

Massage chairs can help minimize physical pain

If you struggle with arthritis and knee tendinitis, you will know the pain of moving your body. Massage chairs can help relieve you of that. Because they support the entire body relax, they are can also ease the discomfort of such conditions.

It is important to note that massage chairs do not heal these conditions. Further, the relief they provide is not permanent. However, they are an excellent start to alleviating the symptoms.

Massage chairs improve the body’s flexibility.

M.ost of the body pains that come in age happen because of a lack of flexibility. Accordingly, loose and relaxed muscles are necessary for keeping the body flexible. If we want to move around without hurting ourselves, we need to keep our muscles oiled and working.

Flexibility helps the muscles function and is central to fitness. Now, massage chairs help our muscles open up and expand. This gives a more excellent range of freedom in movement.

Do Massage Chairs Work Better Than A Real Massage?

Many people think that they need to get a massage therapist to experience a good massage. And we don’t want to disqualify or minimize the advantages of getting a massage from a masseuse.

However, a massage chair works just as well as an authentic massage. Sometimes, it works even better. This is because you can customize the experience based on your preferences.

You can choose how long the message will go. You can pick the spots it’s supposed to hit. You can change the level of pressure with the press of a button. Some massage chairs even have the option for heating, if you like that.

Meanwhile, massages from humans can be inconsistent as they depend on their style.

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