ITSU vs OGAWA MASSAGE CHAIRS [Comparison of Important Features]

The Ogawa brand is miles ahead of Itsu brand based on core massage technology and extra, but useful functional features.

Ogawa’s models are loaded with user-centric, AI-based massage technology combined with advanced controls and complimentary therapies. This gives them an edge over most of Itsu’s popular models.

The Key Difference between ITSU and OGAWA Massage Chairs:

ITSU chairs are known for their affordability and offer basic massage techniques such as kneading, rolling, and airbag massage. OGAWA chairs, on the other hand, are more expensive and feature advanced massage techniques such as 4D massage, adjustable intensity, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Let’s explore all the insights on how the two brands compare based on relevant features.

Itsu vs Ogawa Massage Chairs [Key Differences]

Itsu is a Chinese massage product company with over 20 years of experience. Its massage chair brand features two main categories/series, and a few stand-alone models.

The Sensei Series represents the brand’s peak of ingenuity; featuring high-end chairs like the Sensei Inspire and Sensei Essence Neo. The Prime Series features mid-range price options such as the Fusion and Iyashi.

Ogawa is a Malaysian company, with over 2 decades of experience in the massage chair industry. It has one of the largest distribution networks, catering to over 25 countries across the globe.  The brand combines stand-alone high-end products and a number of series which mainly include products within the low and mid-price ranges.

The Master Drive AI 2.0 and Master Sensei models represent the brand’s beacons of excellence, as they’re endowed with innovative features which are typical of high-end chairs. Other models fall into the Active, Smart, and Mysofa series.

1. Massage Roller Technology

1. Massage Roller Technology in ITSU and OGAWA Massage chairs

A closer look at the two brands’ top models shows that Ogawa has an upper hand when it comes to the actual massage technology. The difference lies in overall efficacy and adjustability.

For a quick comparison, let’s look at the massage tech of the brands’ most sophisticated and high-end models: the Sensei Inspire(Itsu), and Master Drive A.I 2.0(Ogawa).

Both models use 4 massage rollers, which move along an SL tracking system to deliver massage techniques to the neck, back, buttocks, and back of the thighs. Both models allow for a degree of customization relating to massage speed and intensity.

However, the Master Drive proves more efficacious and adjustable. The model features automatic detection of muscle tension and acupressure points before adjusting the massage technique accordingly. 

The same can be seen if we compare models within the $8,500 price range: Sensei Neo(Itsu) and Master Sensei(Ogawa).

Unlike the Neo from Itsu, the Master Sensei is able to detect muscle tension and acupressure spots. This is used to leverage AI in order to deliver the most appropriate massage techniques. Expectedly, the technology may not be perfect, but it’s a worthwhile step ahead of its competitor.

2. Airbags

Some highly effective massage techniques like Kneading and compression are hard to achieve with massage roller technology. Furthermore, some areas such as forearms, hands, and feet are quite tricky for roller tech to access in an effective manner.

This is where Airbag massage technology comes in. Airbags are specialized air cells aimed at delivering a variety of techniques in these areas. The more airbags the better, as it simply means more areas covered.

Based on the number of airbags, the Itsu brand generally holds the upper hand. A quick look at a few top models should put things in perspective:

The Sensei Inspire features 58 airbags in total. On the other hand, Ogawa’s most advanced model (the Master Drive 2.0) offers 54 airbags.

A similar trend is seen in the more affordable models from the two brands. While Itsu’s Prime Fusion features 58 airbags, Ogawa’s Prime Master Drive features only 20.

3. Additional features

3. Additional features in ITSU vs Ogawa Massage chairs

Every great massage chair brand comes with a series of top models that leverage modern technology and innovation to provide the best possible value.

Typical features for high-end models include complimentary therapies (i.e., Heat Therapy, chromo, and Oxygen Ion Therapy), Automated AI functionality, Bluetooth tech, mobile app control, and Zero gravity functionality.

Both brands have definitely embraced these features in their most recent and advanced models. However, Ogawa emerges as a clear winner.

Again, this is clear if we take a closer look at the most advanced models from the two brands:

The Sensei Inspire is loaded with features such as body scanning tech, mobile app control, zero gravity, Infrared Heat Therapy, and a fitness tracker for your Heart Rate readings.

However, Ogawa’s Master Drive 2.0 goes the extra mile by incorporating Chromotherapy, Alexa Voice control, and a more powerful biometric tracker, which tracks Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen levels.

4. Preset programs

Preset programs allow you to get the most out of your massage session without having to manually adjust key parameters like technique, speed, and depth.

The most versatile and effective massage chairs come with a variety of preset programs to choose from depending on your preference and primary aims/objectives. The greater the number of programs, the better. 

Itsu brand’s models are generally better-stocked when it comes to massage programs compared to Ogawa. A look at Itsu’s mid-range Prime Fusion and Ogawa’s highly advanced Master Drive 2.0 furnishes a good example.

While Prime Fusion comes with a staggering 96 preset programs at your disposal, the latter comes in with a rather modest total of 28 preset programs. This is also seen in the Sensei Inspire (Itsu)and Master Sensei (Ogawa), where the former hits 96 programs while the latter is limited to 36. 

5. Adjustability

Any great massage chair should be adjustable to different sizes, especially when it’s intended to be used by more than one person. This is why height and width adjustability features should be looked into whenever you’re at a crossroads between brands.

Itsu comes out a better brand when it comes to adjustability due to its emphasis on the Shoulder height and width adjustment feature.

A closer look at the models reveals that all the top three models (Sensei Inspire, Essence Neo, and Prime Fusion) feature adjustable Shoulder width and height at 3 levels.  Ogawa’s models offer adjustable footrests. However, they generally lack the Shoulder adjustment feature.

6. Price

6. Which is cheaper - Itsu Massage chair or Ogawa massage chair

There is not much of a price difference when it comes to mid-range and low-end chairs between the two brands.

This is evident in the similar price tags between the Sensei Neo (Itsu) and Master Sensei (Ogawa), which fall in the vicinity of $8,500, as well as the Prime Fusion (Itsu) and Master Drive Plus (Ogawa), which fall somewhere around $7,000.

However, there is a big difference when it comes to high-end models. The Ogawa Drive Master 2.0 goes at a whooping $12,999 while the Sensei Inspire is up for grabs at around $11,850.

7. Warranty

Warranty offered by Ogawa massage chairs and ITSU massage chairs

The Ogawa brand comes with a more generous warranty package on its products than Itsu. Again, a quick comparison of the models should clear things up:

Ogawa’s Master Drive 2.0 comes with a 3-year warranty for in-home service, parts, and framework. On the other hand, Itsu’s Sensei Inspire comes with a 2-year warranty period.

In the mid-price range category, Ogawa’s Master Sensei comes with a 3-yr warranty while Itsu’s Sensei Essence Neo features a 2-year package.

Comparison of Top Massage Chair Models from ITSU and OGAWA Brands

BRANDITSU Massage ChairsOGAWA Massage Chairs
 Sensei InspireSensei Essence NeoPrime FusionMaster SenseiMaster Drive AI 2.0  Master Drive Plus  
Roller Style3D3D3D3D3D3D
Roller Track Length1.38m1.38m 1.38m1.4m1.37m1.37m
# of Airbags681668545420
# of Programs96359636, 6 auto programs28500
Zero GravityYesYesYesYesYesYes
Heat TherapyInfrared heat rollersHot compress (Shoulder, back, hands and legs)Infrared heat rollersInfrared heat RollersLegs, Knees, Lumbar Spine.Infrared Rollers
Body ScanYesYesYesYesYesYes
Foot RollersYesNoYesYesNoYes
Calf RollersNoNoYesNoNoNo
Calf AirbagsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Arm MassageYesYesYesYesYesYes
Shoulder MassageYesYesYesYesYesNo
Neck MassageYesYesNoNoYesYes
Hip Massage YesYesYesYesYesYes
StretchNo  YesNoNoNoNo
USB ChargerYes  YesNoYesYesYes
Remote StyleTouchscreen TabletArmrest controller.Touchscreen, Armrest controller.Touchscreen, Armrest ControllerTouchscreen, Armrest controller. Remote controller
Quick KeysYes   YesYesYesYesYes
Memory SettingYesYesYesYesYesyes
App ControlYesNoYesNoYesYes
Height Range5’0”-6’5”5’0”-6’0”4’8”-6’65”-6”5”-6”5”-6”
Weight Limit300bs300lbs300lbs260lbs320lbs260lbs

ITSU or OGAWA  – Which Massage Chair is Best for You?

In the end, Ogawa is the way to go if you’re in for the most convenient, effective and efficient massage chair for your budget.

Ogawa Massage Chairs on Sale

The brand’s superior massage technology enhances efficacy and customizability. The wide range of extra features comes with more convenience and an extra tech edge.

Ogawa’s Master Drive 2.0 would be my natural choice for a $12000-$13000 budget. The reason is that it goes beyond a basic 3D massage, and incorporates AI-based automatic adjustment along with valuable features such as heat therapy, a biometric tracker and Alexa voice control.

Though the model scores lower than its direct competitor (Sensei Inspire) in terms of airbags and the number of programs, these shortcomings do not outweigh the benefits that come with superior massage technology and a host of extra features.

Going down the price ladder, I’d still go for Ogawa for the same reasons as I would in the high-end category. In this case, the Ogawa Sensei would be a better choice if I was limited to the $8,500-dollar price range.

Unlike its direct competitor (Sensei Essence Neo), the model affords AI-based automatic adjustment mechanisms along with Heat and Chromo Therapy.

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