OHCO vs Inada Massage Chairs | Which Brand is Good?

OHCO and Inada are two renowned brands offering massage chairs with distinct features and qualities.

In comparison between OHCO and Inada brand massage chairs, Ohco offers a better deal compared to Inada based on superior massage technology, and a better user experience along with innovative features.

OHCO brand’s models combine superior massage technology with diverse complementary therapies. This is coupled with a range of modern innovative features to provide way more than what Inada models bring to the table.

Let’s dive deeper into the two brands to unravel the details behind Ohco’s dominance over Inada. Let’s compare both brand massage chairs on key factors such as massage technique, roller & tracking system, airbags, auto programs, costs, and warranty.

Inada vs OHCO Massage Chairs [Key Differences]

1. Massage Types and Techniques

Technology used in Ohco and inada massage chairs

Both brands are excellent choices for standard massage techniques which are typical of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. However, Inada goes the extra mile when it comes to Shiatsu and foot reflexology massage. Let’s take a look at the two brand’s most advanced models: M8-LE(Ohco) and the Robo(Inada).

The M8-LE is a great machine for superficial and deep application of standard techniques such as rolling, kneading, compression, tapping, knocking and vibrations. Key body areas include the neck, back, thighs, calves and feet. This makes it a great option if you are looking to get something similar to Swedish or deep friction massage.

The Robo affords all the Standard techniques mentioned above. However, it comes with something special that expands its possibilities towards Shiatsu and foot reflexology massage. The chair comes with automatic acupressure/Shiatsu points detection technology.

In case you’re new to massage, Shiatsu and foot reflexology involves the application of various massage techniques with a focus on specific points of the body known as acupressure points.

Stimulation of these points through touch comes with several health benefits including profound stress/tension relief and even treatment of a good number of ailments.

The chair is able to detect various shiatsu points on the body and feet before using a range of massage techniques to provide one of the closest experiences to real Shiatsu and Foot Reflexology.

The same differences are also seen in mid and lower-priced models from the two brands. For instance, Inada’s Calabo Deluxe provides for foot and body Shiatsu pressure points detection tech while Ohco’s M.8 is limited to standard techniques for Swedish and deep friction massage.

2. Rollers and Tracking Systems

Rollers and Tracking system in inada and OHCO massage chairs

Ohco chairs come with more efficient and effective roller tracking systems compared to Inada. Let’s take a look at the best mid-range chairs from each brand: The M.8 and Calabo Deluxe.

Like other advanced chairs from the Ohco brand, the M.8 comes with a dual roller system for optimal delivery of massage techniques to the neck and back.

The system features two sets of rollers for the upper body; one for the back, and another one for the waist, buttocks and thighs.

On the other hand, the Calabo Deluxe features a single set of rollers that moves along a tracking system to deliver various massage techniques to the back, pelvic region, and thighs. 

3.  Additional Premium Features and User Experience

Ohco vs inada - which brand massage chairs have better features

Ohco brand is clearly much more technologically advanced compared to Inada. This is seen in a broader range of modern tech features across models from all price categories. Let’s get back to the two brands’ best models for a quick comparison:

The M.8LE is loaded with complementary therapies, which makes it a lot more than just a standard massage chair. These include Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy and an extensive heat therapy system that covers the neck, back, buttocks, thighs, palms and feet.

On the other hand, the Robo is void of any complementary therapy functionality. Additionally, the M.8LE features a wider range of additional tech features for more convenience and comfort. These include Bluetooth functionality, Quick keys, Memory setting, air ionizer, body stretch feature, and white noise generator.

Beyond the brand’s best models, a similar trend is seen in the mid and lower-price range models.

Ohco’s commitment to go beyond massage and provide complimentary therapies, along with a host of features to keep things easy and convenient allows most of its models to provide a better user experience than Inada.

In other words, anyone would settle for a massage chair that combines remedies such as heat and aromatherapy, top-notch comfort and modern control features than one which is limited to a basic system with hardly much to offer. 

4. Airbags

Inada vs OHCO - which brand massage chairs have more airbags

Like most brands, Ohco models come with a series of airbags to deliver compression and kneading massage to different areas of the body. On the other hand, most Inada models do not come with airbag systems.

In fact, the Robo is the only massage chair that comes with airbags (46) out of the top 3 Inada models. In contrast, all top Inada models (M.8LE, M.8, M.DX) come with 76 airbags.

5. Auto Programs

Ohco proves a more comprehensive option when it comes to the diversity of massage auto-programs. This implies that its models provide a broader range of pre-set options for you to tailor your massage session to specific needs.

This pushes Ohco’s overall user experience a few more steps above Inada as it implies that users are provided with a wider range of options to choose from.

All Ohco models come with at least 14 preset massage programs. The M.DX and M.8 are great examples. On the other hand, Inada chairs don’t come with preset programs.

However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t entirely mean that Inada chairs are inferior when it comes to customizability. The brand makes up for this with an AI feature that generates individualized massage programs based on Automatic Muscle Tension Detection Technology.

6. Price

Which massage chair is cheaper -  Inada or OHCO

Collectively, Ohco proves more expensive than Inada. Ohco’s models fall within $9,500-$16,000 while Inada falls within $2,900-$8,900.

In the upper price range, Ohco’s most expensive chair (M.8LE) costs $16,000 while Inada’s Robo goes at a more modest price tag of $8,890.

The trend continues in the mid and lower price ranges, with the M.8 costing $10,999 while the Calabo Deluxe falls at $5,000.

7. Warranty

OHCO or Inada - Which brand offers better warranty

Inada comes with slightly better warranty terms and conditions. Both brands offer a 3-year warranty for parts and labor; excluding consumable parts and upholstery.

However, unlike Ohco, Inada models include in-home servicing, which means that you don’t need to take it to the manufacturer if you are living in a country with an official distributor.

Comparison of Top Massage Chair Models from OHCO and Inada Brands 

 M.8LEM.8M.DXCalabo DeluxeVitaRobo  
Roller Style3D3D3D3D3D3D
No. of Airbags767676NoNo42
No. of Programs1414143N/A (AI-based automatic programs)N/A (Automatic adjustment based on AI)
Zero GravityYesYesYesYesYesYes
Heat TherapyYes (Feet, Palms, back, seat, back roller, neck roller)Yes (Feet, Palms, back, seat, back roller, neck roller)Yes (Feet, Palms, back, seat, back roller)Yes (Lower back)NoNo
Body ScanYesYesYesNoYesYes
Foot RollersYesYesNoYesNoYes
Calf RollersNoNoNoNoNoNo
Calf AirbagsYesYesYesNoNoYes
Arm MassageYesYesYesNoNoYes
Shoulder MassageYesYesYesYesYesYes
Neck MassageYesYesYesYesYesYes
Hip Massage YesYesYesYesYesYes
StretchYes  YesNoYesNoNo
USB ChargerNo  NoYesNoNoNo
Remote StyleRemote Controller.Remote Controller.Remote controller.Remote controller.Remote controller. Touchscreen.
Quick KeysYes   YesNoYesNoNo
Memory SettingYesNoYesNoNoNo
App ControlNoNoNoNoNoNo
Height Range5’1”-6’4”5’1”-6’4”5’1”-6’4”5”-6”5”-6”5”-6”
Weight Limit256lbs256lbs256lbs300lbs260lbs260lbs

OHCO Or INADA – Which Massage Chair is Better?

I’d definitely settle for Ohco as it offers a better deal compared to Inada based on superior massage technology, and a better user experience afforded by a comprehensive profile of modern innovative features.

Dual roller systems, more comprehensive airbag systems and a superior array of extra tech features win the day and justify the heftier price tag. 

However, Inada would be a more sensible choice if I was looking for something that offers top-notch Shiatsu massage. The presence of Shiatsu points and a better-adapted system for these types of massage would win the day. 

With a $16,000 budget at my disposal, I would settle for the M.8LE due to its unparalleled massage technology along with an impressive list of additional features for a more holistic experience.

However, if I was primarily in for Shiatsu massage and foot reflexology, I would go for the Inada Robo due to its superior massage technology for this type of massage.

I would still stick to Ohco for my 2nd pick, particularly the M.8. The reasons are quite identical to those behind my first choice. The M.8 is simply miles ahead of the competition in terms of core massage technology and modern innovative amenities like complimentary therapies and convenience features.

Again, its Inada competition (Calabo Deluxe) wins the day if Shiatsu and precise foot reflexology was my primary objective.  

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