What to Wear to A Massage on Your Period? What Not to Wear?

We think that taking painkillers will solve our period difficulties as we mature into women. Menstruation lasts for decades of our lives, but as a community, we rarely try to encourage it. The idea that we must endure pain each month and the idea that medications may correct our hormonal imbalances are both myths.

Menstrual massage is one way we can nurture our menstrual health. Below we will answer your question about what you should wear to your massage if you are on your period.  

What to Wear for Massage When You Are Menstruating?

Getting a therapeutic massage during your period is imperative since it will relax you, reduce your pain, and increase blood flow. It goes without saying that the massage therapist must use a mild touch on delicate areas like your tummy and lower back.

You will typically be handed a plastic thong and instructed to remove your underwear before receiving a massage. In this situation, using a tampon or menstrual cup when visiting the spa is preferable.

A towel or sheet will be used to cover you as well. A tampon, pad, or cup must be worn regardless of the massage you get and the season. 

What to Wear to A Massage on Your Period?

If you do not feel comfortable wearing the plastic thong, you can wear your own underwear.

Let your therapist know you are not comfortable wearing it.

For shy clients, I let them keep their bras on during menstruation. This helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed in the massage. 

The outfit choices we have given you above can be worn to most massage treatments, as your therapist will ask you to remove your clothing for your treatment.

That said, some treatments require you to keep your clothes on, and what you wear during your period to these sessions is essential. 

  • Shiatsu: Shiatsu is the type of massage that allows you to keep your clothes on for the massage treatment. You want to ensure you wear thin, comfortable clothing that does not have a thick band around your stomach area. 
  • Hawaiian: Hawaiian is a spa treatment whereby the massage therapist uses long strokes with their forearm to perform the massage. For this treatment, you want to bring a thin, long scarf, as the therapist will wrap the scarf around your body during the massage. 

What Can a Teenager Wear to A Massage While on Period?

Teenagers tend to be more conscious during their periods, as they are not always comfortable with the process at the beginning. There are a few outfit choices that you can make to ensure you are comfortable throughout your massage. 

The needed comfort can be provided with a short dress. Depending on the season, your shirt dress may have short or long sleeves, but it should be zipped or buttoned to make it simple for you to remove it if your massage therapist requests it.

An oversized hoodie is also something nice for you to wear during winter. They tend to be baggy, which will relieve pressure off your tummy and help you feel less self-conscious when on your period. 

What Shoes Should You Wear to Massage During Period?

There is one treatment, Reflexology, where the shoes you wear will impact the therapist’s findings. Your feet give off specific scents that help the therapist figure out what is happening in the body.

If your sugar is high, your feet smell sweet. If your cholesterol is high, the smell is potent. Iron also makes your feet smell like metal. These levels tend to drop or spike during your menstruation cycle.

The therapist will be able to determine what is happening in your body during your menstruation cycle. 

When clients come to me for a Reflexology treatment, I ask them to please wear open toes shoes or shoes with thin socks.

What To Wear for A Massage During the Hotter Seasons When You Are on Period?

Are you a fan of sweatsuits? Attending your massage in your favorite sweatsuit would be a great idea. Because sweat suits are so cozy, you can quickly drive or simply go shopping while wearing one.

A cotton sweatsuit works well for a massage, especially in the heat. You can choose any color, whether it’s bright or subtle. 

It is simple to put on and take off, and the light fabric won’t put additional strain on your abdominal region. 

Because they are comfortable and adaptable, sundresses are popular in the summer. If you enjoy dresses, bring a floral sundress to your massage appointment. Any material is OK for your sundress, although cotton, silk, and polyester work best in this situation.

A massage therapy appointment is not a formal occasion. Thus neutral and vibrant colors are both acceptable. Just ensure the dress is comfortable and isn’t too tight. If it’s baggy, it will feel more comfortable for you during your period. 

What To Wear for A Massage During the Colder Seasons If You Are on Period?

You can select a loose, laid-back jumpsuit from the many different types and patterns available for your massage appointment.

Cotton, a soft fabric, is the most common material used to make casual jumpsuits. After your massage, it keeps you warm and feels great against your skin.

You can also bring a sweater to wear after your massage. 

A tracksuit is always a great go-to during winter. The drawstrings will allow you to loosen your pants, and if they are bagging, your therapist can perform your massage over your clothes so that you do not have to get undressed if you are not comfortable enough to do so. 

What Should You Not Wear to Massage When On Your Period?

There are a few clothing items that you should try and avoid wearing while you are on your period. 

Tight pants might add pressure to your abdomen and lower back which will cause you pain and discomfort. It can also lower your self-esteem and body image, as most women tend to bloat during their periods. 

Short dresses and skirts might make you feel self-conscious, and women tend to ‘play’ with their outfits more by holding their skirts and dresses close to their bodies. They are also not ideal for wearing after a massage, as the oil will cause the fabric to stick to your skin and become clingy. 

Generally, you should not wear unnecessary amounts of jewelry to your massage session. It will take time for you to take it off and put it back on, as you stand the chance of leaving your jewelry behind or losing them.

I cannot tell you how often I have had clients leave their watches and wedding rings at my practice. 

Final Thoughts:

When we are on our periods, it can be a very frustrating and uncomfortable time. A massage can help you manage the pain and symptoms of menstruation, and with that being said, the outfit that you choose to wear to your massage also needs to be comfortable and loose and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. 

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