Osaki Vs Infinity Massage Chairs | WHICH BRAND IS GOOD FOR YOU?

Osaki and Infinity are two leading brands globally, this review aims to make things easier for you and examine these popular massage chair brands, Osaki and Infinity, highlighting some key differences and how they compare so you can make the most informed decision.

Osaki was founded in 2007. All Osaki massage chairs are designed with all the iconic features of a modern massage chair. In addition, most models have high-end features, including wireless device compatibility, zero gravity reclining, body scanning technology, S- and L-tracks, and heat treatment.

Infinity was established a year earlier, around 2006. It is the top vendor of high-end massage chairs in the U.S. The Infinity brand, which has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, stresses whole-body, long-term well-being for all lifestyles and works to incorporate cutting-edge technology into its goods.

Infinity Vs Osaki Massage Chairs [Key Differences]

1. User Experience

Both brands provide high-end technology, such as heat therapy rollers to relieve deep tissues and zero gravity recline positions to provide extra comfort during your session with their respective models.

1. user experience

Osaki massage chairs are renowned for their superior user experience. A competitive advantage over these two companies is that Osaki offers ergonomic chairs that make every space comfortable and a wide range of massage techniques to fit different needs. For example, the Ekon Plus provides five levels of air compression adjustment with multiple airbags throughout the massage chair to offer a full-body massage experience. 

However, the Infinity brand is not lacking with its patented Infinity Technology. It uses air cells to provide a deep tissue massage with adjustable intensity levels allowing for easy customization. 

2. Price

Another factor worth considering when choosing between these two brands is the price point.

2. Price

At competitive prices, Osaki offers a fantastic selection compared to other brands today. In addition to their reasonably priced entry-level models, they also provide features such as heat therapy and airbag technology that can reduce pain in areas like the shoulders or lower back without compromising comfort during user sessions.

Moreover, they have more advanced options if you are willing to pay extra. Still, all come with warranties, so there is no risk involved with making this investment decision. 

With great features, Infinity’s higher-end models can be expensive. For example, the Infinity IT-8500 X3 can cost over $7000. Although Infinity massage chairs are pricey, if you want luxury, Infinity will be a better option. Before you make price a determining factor on what brand you will buy, consider the functionality. 

Investing more money into an Osaki model will likely result in better overall value due to its superior design and build quality compared to an Infinity model at similar cost points.

3. Massage Features

3. massage features

Whether you’re looking for a full-body relaxation session or need some relief from sore muscles, Osaki has something to offer everyone.

Additionally, the intuitive control panel makes it easy to customize your massage experience and adjust settings such as intensity and speed according to your preference.

The human-like shoulder-gripping and kneading method allows for a precision shoulder massage. The distinctive lower-back swing feature also aids with pain relief.

You may also adjust the back of the massage chair to stretch your entire spine and back muscles. Most Osaki models have 3D smart technology and silent operation, enabling total-body relaxation.

In addition to its cutting-edge technology offerings, the Infinity massage chairs have more massage points, with unbeatable advanced heat therapy.

There are three infinity massage chairs on the market now: L track, S track, and J track. Each sort of chair has its own set of advantages and qualities.

L track chairs are intended to massage the entire body, including the neck and spine. S track chairs are designed to massage the back and neck more profoundly in a more focused manner. J track chairs are suitable for individuals who like a softer massage. These chairs offer a gentle, rolling massage that is ideal for relaxing.

4. Warranty 

5. warranty

Osaki offers a 3-Year Standard Manufacturer’s parts and labor Warranty. Even distributors, such as Costco, offer these non-transferable warranties.

These guarantees that the product will be replaced or repaired, without cost to the customer, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship, or structural defects during the first three years of ownership, excluding specific limitations.  

Infinity offers a 5-year residential limited warranty, including no-cost replacements on covered parts for three years.

The standard Infinity massage chair warranty covers the costs of replaced parts, structural framework, and labor on your chair during the first year at no cost to you, with the option to extend the warranty for additional parts and labor coverage at the time of the chair purchase. However, the consumer is responsible for shipping, duties, and brokerage fees.

5. Returns and Payment Plan

Both companies have similar sale policies on returns where customers can receive full refunds within 30 days if unhappy with the purchase so long as the returned product has all the original packaging and is in new and resellable condition.

6. returns and payments

Also, for any returns within 30 days of purchase, for whatever reason, shipping costs, outbound and inbound, will be paid by the customer. 

Additionally, they accept various payment plans depending on the chosen model, making it a more manageable, budget-friendly option for those seeking out one of these fantastic machines without having to pay a significant upfront cost. For example, Osaki allows financing options and gift card methods.

6. Customer Support

Both companies give 24/7 tech support in case of any problems, and most retailers, including both online and physical stores, carry these products.

7. customer support

Customers seem to be happy with the customer service and communication that they receive from them. Aside from free Lifetime Tech Support with US-based Technicians, Infinity offers buyers guides and even assembly tutorial videos on their website.

7. Popular Models

One of their most popular versions is the Osaki Maestro LE massage chair, which has features like airbag technology, zero-gravity positioning, and computer body scan sensors.

The Infinity Dynasty massage chair is trendy, with features such as full-body air massage, heat treatment, and TrueFit scanning. Unlike a basic massage recliner, the Infinity Dynasty 4D uses four rollers along a 49-inch L track to offer a three-dimensional massage with variable speed and optional lumbar heat.

Compared to the Osaki Maestro LE, the Infinity Dynasty is less expensive. However, it has fewer features, while the Infinity Dynasty has more sophisticated features. 

Infinity Vs Osaki Massage Chairs Comparison Summary

User experienceGreat user experience with essential featuresExcellent user experience with fancy features
PriceSimilar costs but depends on the modelSimilar costs but depends on the model.
HistoryFounded in 2007Founded in 2007.
Product lineMore productsFewer products
Return Policy30 days30 days
Warranty3 yearsUp to 5 years with an extension
Popular modelsOS-4000XT B.  OS Pro Admiral. OS Pro First Class. OS Pro Maestro. OS Pro 4D Paragon.Infinity Prelude Infinity Aura infinity IT-8500 Infinity Solstice 4D Infinity Evolution Max 4D

Final Thoughts:

Both the Osaki and Infinity have great functionality. However, what works best depends entirely upon individual needs and budget constraints. Most of the time, you can’t go wrong when you buy a 4D massage chair, but we’re leaning more toward the Osaki.

Investing more money into an Osaki model will likely result in better overall value due to its superior design and build quality compared to an Infinity model at similar cost points. It comes down to personal preference when deciding between these two brands. 

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