Tui Na Vs Swedish Massage [Technique, Benefits and Cost]

With so many different massage techniques, you might need help determining which is best for you. Today, we will be discussing Tui Na Massage and Swedish Massage. Both these treatments can help reduce pain, promote relaxation, and improves circulation.  

We will be looking at the different techniques used and their benefits, and I will be giving professional advice to help you determine which treatment option is best suited for you. 

Differences Between Tui Na and Swedish Massage

1. Technique

1. Technique used in Tui Na and Swedish Massage

The patient’s muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons are massaged and realigned by Tui Na practitioners using various hand and arm techniques. Kneading, pushing, rolling, shaking, and stretching are a few of these methods.

Like Acupuncture, the practitioner activates pressure points on the client’s body. They seek to affect the qi’s movement through the body’s meridians, which are energy channels. Herbal compresses, salves, and poultices can also be used during Tui Na massage. A practitioner may place these outside the body to increase the therapeutic effects. Some practitioners emphasize a few features of the approach more than others.

One of the most well-liked types of massage therapy is Swedish massage. Swedish massage can help relieve your stress, aid muscle recovery, and increase your serotonin levels. Swedish massage works with the flow of your body which means the techniques used are long strokes, some contain a tapping movement, and joint movement is also involved. 

Every new massage therapist is taught the four fundamental methods employed in Swedish massage, which comprise the core of almost all massage therapies. Four major movements are performed to calm and enhance the muscular condition, enhance circulation, and aid in relaxation. This style of massage targets the muscles’ top layer and works to reduce tension there.

2. Convenience

2. Where can you perform TuiNa and Swedish Massage

Tui Na is performed in therapist facility. This allows the treatment to be private, and the professional can access everything they might need during your session. Remember that the treatment is often performed with your clothes on and can be done on a massage bed or a matt, depending on your condition. 

Swedish massage can be performed in the comfort of your own home, spa, or therapist room. It is done on a massage table, and you remove parts of your clothing so you do not get the oil on your clothes. 

3. The Benefits

While some people use Tui Na massage to treat illnesses or manage pain, others just use the therapy to be healthy and happy.

Receiving Tui Na is said to revitalize and relax some people. It might lessen stress, headaches, and sleeplessness.

According to personal experience and evidence, its primary advantages are relaxation and a general sense of equilibrium. In some situations, it can also lessen discomfort, which benefits people who want to use painkillers as little as possible.

Throughout a session, there can be some minor physical discomfort. Most likely, it won’t feel like a soothing massage. My professional view is that you shouldn’t receive a Tui Na treatment while your flare-up is occurring if you have a condition that can have a flare-up. Before you return for your subsequent session, get medical attention to help the symptoms of your flare-up.

Swedish massage is frequently used merely for relaxation. Relaxing Aromatherapy oils can be used in your treatment to give you added benefits. This treatment option is well paired with other stress-reducing modalities such as Yoga or Meditation. 

It has been demonstrated to help relieve pain, stress, and muscle tension, and it can also be utilized to treat physical ailments. Swedish massages are often given to athletes before competitions to help them perform at their peak.

Moreover, Swedish massage can be used to help patients manage conditions like Fibromyalgia, IBS, stress, and anxiety, as well as mild pain and fatigue. Consult your doctor before using Swedish massage for any medical issue.

4. Price

3. Price of Swedish Massage and Tui-Na Massage

Treatment prices for these techniques may vary depending on the area where you live. The average price for a Tui Na treatment is around $80-$100 per hour. Depending on how severe your pain is, your session can be between 20 minutes to an hour. 

A Swedish massage can cost you anywhere between $40-$100 per hour. Often, spas run specials whereby you buy a package and receive a discount. Your sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. 

5. Frequency

Tui Na massage falls under the medical side of the massage industry. You can have a session once a week in acute situations and then once a month for maintenance. 

Swedish massage is less invasive, and the pressure during your session is not as deep as other techniques. You can have a Swedish massage once or twice a week without taking a session break.

In my professional opinion, during stressful times, you should go for a massage at least once a week and then once every second or third week for maintenance. 

6. Aftercare

Once your treatment is complete, there are a few aftercare tips you need to keep in mind to ensure you get the most out of your treatment. 


After receiving Tui Na, kindly drink a glass of warm water and refrain from taking a cold shower for an hour. Soreness, skin redness and swelling are expected during the initial days following therapy.

However, please immediately see your doctor or therapist if the signs and symptoms worsen or if unfavorable responses like nausea and dizziness appear.

Swedish Massage

After your Swedish massage, you should not eat for at least an hour after your treatment. You can feel ill if you eat too soon. Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol for at least two hours, as the massage detoxes your body. You want to drink plenty of water and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Swedish massage should not hurt, so contact your therapist if your muscles feel stiff or tender the day after your session.

Swedish Massage Vs Tui-Na Massage [Comparison Summary]

AspectTui Na MassageSwedish Massage 
TechniqueTui Na massage stimulates acupressure points and releases stiffness and pain in the muscles and joints by using various techniques, such as pushing, kneading, rolling, and stretching. Tui Na prefers to employ deeper pressure because it targets acupressure points and deeper layers of muscle tissue.Swedish massage promotes relaxation, boosts circulation, and eases muscle tension by using slow, flowing movements, kneading, rubbing, and other methods. Swedish massage often utilizes a lighter to moderate amount of pressure to encourage relaxation and ease muscle tension. The client requests the amount of pressure exerted.
PurposeMedical experts typically do Tui Na massages to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. Numerous Asian nations have a medical specialization called tui-na. Only medical doctors may execute it in China, and it grants Ph. D.s in research.Swedish massage is performed by a massage therapist who will get their Diploma once they have received their high school diploma. 
BenefitsBoosts blood circulation Reduces pain Helps reduce symptoms of stress Treats OsteoarthritisReduce fatigue symptoms Relaxation Pain management Increased circulation  Reduced stress levels 
ConvenienceTui Na is performed in therapist facility.Swedish massage can be performed in the comfort of your own home, spa, or at therapist’s facility
Price$80-$100 per hour$40-$100 per hour

Which Technique Is Best for You – Tuina or Swedish?

Tuii Na massage and Swedish massage might have the same benefits when it comes to helping you relax, but they are used to treat different conditions and are performed by different professionals. 

Tui Na massage is not ideal for those who cannot handle a lot of pressure and have conditions that can flare up when their muscles have been manipulated.

If you have recently had surgery, this is not the treatment option for you. My professional opinion is that Tui Na is ideal for those who suffer from chronic headaches and overall pain that they cannot manage. 

Swedish massage is not recommended for those who have spinal conditions such as Osteoarthritis. The treatment can cause an inflammatory response.

This treatment option is ideal for those who want to use natural treatment options to help manage their stress levels and improve the circulation in their bodies. A great benefit of this treatment is that by increasing your circulation, you can reduce the signs of cellulite.  

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