Hot Stone Massage vs Swedish MassageĀ [Which is Better?]

Swedish massage and hot stone massage are both kinds of massage, but they have different purposes. When you know what each type of massage is for, you can choose the one that fits your needs and preferences the best. It will also help you avoid doing things that aren’t right and could make your condition worse. 

Let’s look at how each type is done, what it’s for, how long it lasts, how much it costs, and how to take care of it afterward. 

What Is the Difference Between Swedish and Hot Stone Massage?

1. Technique 

technique used in hot stone massage vs swedish massage

In a hot stone massage, basalt River rocks are used and placed in certain ways on the middle of the back along the spine, the chest, the stomach, the feet, the toes, the palms of your hands, and the face.

Before using them, the rocks are heated, which lets the massage therapist put more pressure on problem areas without making them feel bad. The heat from the rocks makes the muscles softer and move more smoothly. 

Swedish massage uses a series of specific movements to relax muscles and increase blood flow. These movements include rubbing, drumming, tapping, rolling, kneading, or making circles with the hands or smooth strokes instead. 

2. Duration

Massage session time for swedish and hot stone

When you think about how much time you spend stressed out each week, you’ll realize that this appointment will help relieve a lot of that stress. It may feel like it’s over in less than an hour, but the deep relaxation you’ll feel will have you counting down the days until your next treatment. 

A hot stone massage can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. The length of a Swedish massage, on the other hand, depends on what the client and the therapist agree on. But a Swedish massage session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. 

4. Convenience – At home, or at a Spa? 

You can give yourself a Swedish massage or a hot stone massage at home.

Your therapist brings everything they need with them when they come to your house. It is perfect for anyone who wants a little pampering to relieve physical or mental stress or take care of other health problems.

Also, you can book a chair massage, which is usually done in an office. The service can be broken up into 15-minute chunks so the whole team can take a short break at work. You’ll be surprised at how much just five minutes of time to relax and relieve stress can change your day. 

5. The Price

Cost of hot stone massage vs swedish massage

On average, hot stone massage costs vary from $85 an hour to $150 an hour at a high-end resort. When essential oils, special towel wraps, or other treatments are added to a hot stone massage, the price goes up. 

A Swedish massage will cost around $100 per hour. 

While a Swedish or hot stone massage at home usually costs more because a therapist comes to your home. You can also add extra treatments to any massage, like a scalp massage or a foot massage. 

6. Aftercare

Swedish massage and hot stone massage work by triggering point therapy. This can make you feel a little sore afterward, but this is good because it means toxins are leaving your body.

But it shouldn’t hurt too much and should go away in about three days. This is some advice about what to do after a massage that can help reduce pain and make you feel better. 

  • Drink a lot of water after a massage because it can be very dehydrating and help the kidneys get rid of the toxins that were released. 
  • Don’t hurry to get back to your normal life. Take a day off to rest. Spend a day relaxing or just reading a good book. 
  • Don’t drink alcohol or drink coffee for at least a day after your massage. Both dehydrate you and won’t help your body get rid of the toxins that are moving around after the massage. 
  • Eat light and nutritious food. 
  • You can ease pain by putting an ice pack on the painful area for 10 to 15 minutes. 

7.  Frequency of Massage Sessions

7. frequency

You may have a hot stone massage once a week if all you want is relief from minor aches and pains. However, if you want to fix a particular issue with your body or mind, you may want to schedule visits twice every week.

While if you’re looking to reduce your minor stress levels, a Swedish massage done twice a month can be just the need. And this is a great frequency for individuals who aren’t really active or who don’t work out often. However, if your work or way of life brings you a lot of stress, you should try to have a Swedish massage once a week.

Swedish Massage Vs Hot Stone [Comparison Summary] 

AspectHot Stone MassageSwedish Massage
TechniqueUses a basalt River rock and is strategically placed on the center of the back along the spine, chest, stomach, feet, toes, palms of your hands, and face.Using rubbing, drumming, tapping, rolling, kneading, or circular movements, or using smooth strokes instead of the hands.
Duration60-90 minutes;Expected to last from 30-60 minutes. However, it does not have a specific time, instead, the duration depends on the agreement between the client and the therapist.
Cost$85 hourly or going up to $150 or more at an exclusive resort.$42 for 30 minutes up to $150 or more for 120 minutes.
ConvenienceCan be done at home or the Spa.Can be done at home or the Spa.
How Often DoneOnce a week for minor aches and pains, and twice every week to fix a particular issue with your body or mind.Twice a month reduces minor stress levels, and once a week if your work or lifestyle brings you a lot of stress.

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