Can Massage Therapists Wear Nails or Polish?

Like any other profession, the answer depends on YOU and your abilities as a massage therapist how well trained you are while opting for such self-care products.

Can a massage therapist wear nails? No, it’s recommended that massage therapists don’t wear any press-on nails. It can create potential cause discomfort to the client,

Can a massage therapist wear nail polish? No, it’s recommended by most massage schools that the therapist does not wear polish.

Although it is not against massage therapy laws, professional massage therapists do not recommend it.

Nail polish can chip easily because you use different oils and products, making your hands look untidy, which doesn’t help with the good impression you’re trying to make on your client. Also, nails can get stuck with the towel or other materials during the massage.

This article answers the following questions:

  • Can you have nail polish as a massage therapist?
  • Can massage therapists have fake nails?
  • Perfect nail length for a massage therapist
  • Should massage therapists get manicures?

Can You Have Nail Polish as a Massage Therapist?

Wearing nail polish is a common beauty standard these days; however, they may not be as harmless as they seem.

Never should any treatment, especially involving the Face or Body, be performed by a therapist while wearing nail polish because studies have shown that the chemicals in nail polish can be absorbed into the body.

On the first day of training, every therapist is told the rules, and in the top three will read “NO NAIL VARNISH.”

The reason is some nail polishes contain incredibly harmful chemicals like toluene or formaldehyde, and together, these chemicals have been linked to diseases like asthma, birth defects, and even cancer!

So, wearing nail polish is a big no for a massage therapist as it is harmful to the client and the therapists themself.

Can Massage Therapists Have Fake Nails?

Even though acrylic/fake nails have become one of the most popular trends in the past few years, it may not be the best thing for some professions.

A massage therapist’s hands are treasured tools re-used on every client. So, it is crucial to keep them clean at all times, especially now.

Having long nails, in general, can be unhygienic, so fake nails should be out of the question as our nails can be a budding root for harmful bacteria that can harm not only us but also the people we physically come in contact with.

Perfect Nail Length for a Massage Therapist

Mainly the length of your nail is significant!

They have to be just above the finger’s skin, or you will possibly scratch or hurt your clients unintentionally.

Also, most people get fake nails done from a salon, which increases the chances of getting a fungal infection as the nail tech might use a tool or nail color used on an infected person beforehand.

So, the best option is to trim your nails and wash your hands frequently.

Here’s an excellent example of how you should take off your nails:

Should Massage Therapists get Manicures?

A manicure provides a deep exfoliation and cleansing of the nails and dead skin cells of the hand, so getting them frequently can be beneficial and provide a clean and polished look for the massage therapist, which may help in cliental growth.

Manicures, in general, can be de-stressing, which is excellent for anyone’s mental health, especially during these difficult times. And when a person is stress-free, they are more active and present during work which is a bonus.

Not only that, but it reduces the chances of spreading any bacteria/fungal infections during massages.

When people do a job involving the constant use of their hand muscles, they eventually get tensed and tired of using them.

Manicures come with hand massages which can promote healthy blood circulation.

Also, reduce muscle tension/any pain you may be experiencing, and improve joint mobility, which will help the massage therapist do their job with more relief and relaxation.

Recently has taught people to keep their hands clean, but even before that washing, your hands has always been the key to a healthy germ-free environment which means happy clients while preventing so many infections.


All in all, it is not really recommended that you wear nail polish or nails in general if you’re a massage therapist. The client’s priority is here, so we need to make sure that they have the best possible time as they’ve come to you for complete relaxation.

Now it’s time to hear from you:

Do you wear nail polish when giving massages?

Do you think it matters if the massage therapist wears nail polish?

Have you ever gotten a massage from a therapist who wears nails? How was your experience?

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