What is No Draping Massage?

Before you make your next massage appointment, it’s essential to know the term draping.

What is a no draping massage?

A no-draping massage means the body is entirely nude during the massage.

Draping is when the massage therapist covers the body with a bed sheet or towel for the client’s modesty and avoids exposing the entire body. The therapist then reveals one body part to work on at a time.

What body parts are covered in a drape Massage?

  • Genitalia
  • Buttocks
  • Female breasts

A draping massage looks like this:

In this article, we will be covering:

  • Benefits of no draping massage
  • Difference between a draping & no draping massage
  • How to get the most out of your massage session

Benefits of a No Draping Massage

There are several benefits of a no draping massage, such as:

  • Draping causes a sheet readjustment every 10 minutes to keep the client comfortable. Meaning that it would take away precious time during the ongoing session.
  • A no-draping massage would be easier to perform keeping the massage therapist’s hands on the client.

Draping or no draping, a massage is supposed to help release built-up anxiety and stress, so no matter whatever the benefits may be, the client’s consent is the most crucial factor and should always be kept in mind.

Draping Vs No Draping Massage

A none draping massage is more beneficial than a draping massage because it allows the therapist to move around your body to help you relax carefully.

Some clients who prefer a draping massage (usually newbies) feel more comfortable and secure with a drape on themselves.

In my personal experience, it can feel strange when draped the temperature difference from the covered body part to the uncovered body part caused me not to feel immersed in the massage.

With that, draping does not guarantee complete security throughout the massage. Overemphasis can cause unnecessary awkward tension making both the therapist and client feel embarrassed.

The best option would be to do your research and select a massage therapist who would be comfortable enough to provide their services either way.

In certain USA states, it is mandatory to provide a draping massage, such as Florida, California, Arizona, etc., so it is better to look up the laws of your state to be sure.

Before you decide to opt for a no draping or draping massage, you need to be thoroughly prepared about the procedure and what a no-draping procedure looks like. The only thing you need to focus on is that everything has been discussed and agreed on with the massage therapist.

Is Draping Required for Massage, Why?

Is draping required? Draping is required unless you specifically ask for no draping. The massage therapist then can refuse service if they feel uncomfortable with a no-drape massage.

Both parties must be comfortable with that option to proceed. If the client has shown concern over removing the drape, the therapist must comply with the client’s request.

States where massage draping is optional

Not all states allow none drape massages. Certain states are a bit loose, having both options available.

Below is a chart showing the famous state and its draping rules:

StateDraping Required?
Washington DCYes
New YorkYes

Every client has the choice to be draped or not. If the client wants the draping, management fills out a form signed by the client for confirmation.

Issues that occur during draping practices

We hear a lot of issues raised in many draping sessions. The problems could end up legal.

As per Australian Association of Massage Therapists Ltd (AAMT) data, there are record cases where customers have complained because they are new to the draping experience.

90% of the issues remain unresolved because no one is clear about the situation, and a strong blame game is going on. Due to inadequate information, inconsistent practices, the poor communication between the client and the therapists, the issues remain.

The National Ethics Committee has proposed the standard code of ethics and guidelines for draping and positioning practices. With the help of those code conducts and the practice guidelines, both the client and the therapists can refrain from uncomfortable situations and blame games.

All these ethics codes and practice guidelines are basically for the clients to remain comfortable during the sessions.

The client is asked to go through them if they don’t know about them previously, so they know what is happening is okay when the therapist is going through the process.

Position statement in draping massage

Every therapist has a style of doing the massage. He has the right to ask the client to make specific positions as he knows well which position will help the client relief. However, the therapist has the right to ask both males and females to get into certain positions. Even with this, the draping protocols remain consistent.

Different body parts require other practices for draping. So the therapist can ask the client to get into a position that neither hurts the client nor the therapists get into situations where he cannot do anything because the required position is not maintained.

That is why the draping session is thoroughly discussed with the client before it begins. The therapist does a one-on-one meeting with the client so that both understand each other well before the practice starts.

The client’s rights to terminate the session should be given to them, and they can choose whether they want to continue or decline the session request based on the draping and positioning methods.


Draping massage is a process practiced in the majority of states.

Years back, when people did not know much about draping, they got confused, and many issues arose. But now, the majority of the people coming for the draping massage sessions know the sessions and cooperate with the therapists for smooth sessions.

Now its time to hear from you:

Have you ever experienced draping massage sessions before?

If yes, then how was the experience? Was it worth it?

Let us know about your experiences to help others with better knowledge.

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